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No Asian Food Network Chefs....why not?

What's up with the Food Network not having any Asian chefs on their roster?
I find it kind of lame (and a bit insulting) that they don't have one program hosted by an Asian person. Anyone who agrees with me should email them about it and mention that The Iron Chef doesn't count. I've emailed them but haven't received a response.
As much as I love BBQ, Fried Chicken and tacos...Food Network's programming and recipes are getting redundant.

Does anyone else agree?

Mar 18, 2010
shel1982 in Food Media & News

fresh tumeric confirmed

Yes!!! Union Market (on 6th Avenue and Union St in Park Slope Brooklyn) sells Fresh Tumeric Root, Red Thai Chilis and Fresh Curry leaves now. Can't wait to make a curry

Feb 19, 2010
shel1982 in Manhattan