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Minimalist French Applesauce

Bonjour James, we are glad you actually discovered and liked GoGo Squeez, even in a weird way :D You can find more info about the concept, the product and local stores carrying our healthy pouches at
Laurent • Community Manager with GoGo SqueeZ

Jul 01, 2010
gogolaurent in Features

Healthy snacks for kids

very good answers and a lot of options here. The NYTimes recently posted an interesting article "Snack Time Never Ends" ( providing with a complete overview of the challenges kids are facing nowadays in terms of healthy snack option, nutrition info etc.

The thing to remember is to give your kid low fat snacks ranging from 60 to 150 calorie servings max so that it doesn't turn into an extra meal. Dont allow snacks to be too close to lunch or dinner as well. Fresh fruits like bananas or clementines, yogurts, applesauce pouches, roasted chesnuts are among the good options !

Laurent • community manager | Materne

Feb 26, 2010
gogolaurent in Home Cooking

What is your favorite healthy snack?

any tip of seasonal fruits, clementines are still juicy at this time, roasted chestnuts, low fat yogurt sprinkled with raisin. i start to feel hungry now. And when on-the-go i definitely grab a gogo squeez apple pouch :D

What is your favorite snack for on-the go ?

Laurent • community manager | Materne

Feb 26, 2010
gogolaurent in General Topics

Favorite Healthy School Snacks to Pack for your kids??

A lot of good ideas and creative people here :D one important thing to keep in mind is to avoid giving your little ones high-fat snacks and high-calorie snacks. These can include cookies, chips, candy, doughnuts, fruit drinks, soda, etc. Also I would advice to limit snacks to just 60 to 150 calories so that they don’t turn into an extra meal for your kids.

Laurent • community manager | Materne

Feb 19, 2010
gogolaurent in Home Cooking