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What Did People Cook in 1889?

Salaratus or more properly, Sal Aeratus is potassium bicarbonate. You could substitute baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).

Apr 19, 2011
kgb1001001 in Features

Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza In The Triangle?

If you're looking for a real deep-dish pizza like at Lou Malnatti's or Giordanos, you won't find it in the triangle. However, there is an Uno's Chicago Grill at Briar Creek that does the same "knock-off" Unos pizza you can get anywhere else in the country at that chain. It's tolerable, but nothing like the real thing.

Jewish Deli-Triangle Area ??

Not sure but many of us still mourn its passing. I still have cravings for their overstuffed rare roast beef on rye...

great southern breakfast

Try the Farmer's Market Restaurant at the State Farmers Market in Raleigh on Lake Wheeler Rd (off I-40 on the south side of Raleigh).