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Classic Foods from Manhasset area?

Would he have gone to Louie's in Port Washington??
They have changed hands, but maybe it would make him feel nostalgic for seafood from home.

Valentines Day Dinner in Queens?

Sapori d'ischia in LIC.

Feb 09, 2010
monalisawoman in Outer Boroughs

How's the Pho @ Natural Tofu in Sunnyside?

Try the spicy seafood pancake, and the bbq squid. YUM.

Feb 09, 2010
monalisawoman in Outer Boroughs

Cooking with Jazz reopens in a few weeks!

Just so you all know, they told us last weekend that crawfish are coming in 2 weeks!
We have now been there 5 times since they reopened... can't get enough.

Feb 05, 2010
monalisawoman in Outer Boroughs

Cooking with Jazz reopens in a few weeks!

What a treat to return to Cooking with Jazz!!! The place was filled with loyal clients from years past. The warm Jalapeno Bread, and Corn Muffins were just as delicious as we remembered. We savored some Seafood Gumbo & Fried Oysters to start. Then I had the Seafood Big Mamou, with huge chunks of salmon, scallops, oysters & jumbo shrimp. The Hubby had the Coho Salmon, stuffed with perfectly caramelized onions, veggies & other yummy goodness. We finished it off with a slice of pecan pie. Steve came out of the kitchen in his big red chef's hat to shake some hands & wave hello. We can't wait to go back. No need to BYOB, the hurricanes were flowing!!

Dec 30, 2009
monalisawoman in Outer Boroughs

Thin crust pizza in NW Nassau County?

I second Salvatore's Coal Oven Pizza in Port Washington!

Sripraphai is opening a second branch in Williston Park

As delicious as Woodside, without the train ride.
We ordered the papaya salad, pad thai, softshell crab with green curry pumpkin sauce, and whole snapper with lemongrass. It started to get crowded at 6:20, which is early for a saturday night, so go early!

280 Hillside Ave, Williston Park, NY 11596

Favorite Movies About Food?

Would like to add "Kung Fu Panda" to the list, because it makes me crave dumplings EVERY time I see it.

Sripraphai is opening a second branch in Williston Park

Someone please tell me it's still opening??!!

R.I.P: Mama's in Port Washington

They are gone. I will miss the seafood pancake, spicy kimchee, veggie tofu harmony, broiled eel, etc.
Also: Prime View is completely gone, and it looks like they are restoring the old Diwan back in it's place.

Port Washington Eats?

For Italian, try Piccolo Liguria on Shore Rd. It's the best italian I've had on L.I. Japanese: Kotobuki in Roslyn. Korean: Mama's... on Main St. in PW. I think most of the mexican here is meh. I do love the take-out at Green Cactus in Roslyn. Chinese: Shanghai Pavilion. Brick Oven Pizza: Salvatores.

Japanese on Long Island

First, I'd like to give a moment of silence for Sea Cliff Sushi, since I didn't realize it was closed, & I loved it SO much. I considered it the best on L.I. Second, it's ironic that There does happen to be one more Kotobuki, and it just happens to be exactly where Maguro used to be... in that strip mall right off 25A, in Roslyn. Kotobuki is right up there in the very good to excellent category as well.

QUICK & Easy Spicy Asian Soup

Also, as far as the cellophane noodles are concerned, YES, do follow the instructions on the package, drain & put into main ingredient bowl.

Jul 30, 2008
monalisawoman in Recipes

QUICK & Easy Spicy Asian Soup

sorry folks... as far as how much water to add to the main ingredients, I always put enough to just cover the ingredients, so that they warm-up. I'm not sure how much water my kettle holds for boiling, but I fill it almost to the top.

Jul 30, 2008
monalisawoman in Recipes

Any Korean or Vietnamese restaurants near Garden City, NJ

I'm a huge fan of Mama's on Main Street in Port Washington. Here's my original post about it, on this board:
Port Washington is only 15 min from GC.

Long Island Sushi From Owners Of Nobu?

Sea Cliff Coffee & Sushi Co. has chefs from Nobu, but it's been around a few years.
You would have better luck posting on the Tri-state board.

Best herbal tea to drink cold and unsweetened?

Yogi Tea: Breathe Deep (with ice.)

Jun 06, 2008
monalisawoman in General Topics

Catfish: Totally Underappreciated?

i love blackened catfish with conch fritters. YUM.

May 03, 2008
monalisawoman in General Topics

Area Sushi Restaurant with Soy Paper option?

or, you could also ask for your rolls to be wrapped in cucumber, which is a delicious option.

Favorite Long Island Restaurants

I agree with Rick, Yamaguchi is kinda dingy, but it's one of those places that if you have an "in" with Mrs. Yamaguchi, you can probably get the best fish around.
For me, the best sushi on the island is a tie between Kotobuki & the Sea Cliff Coffee & Sushi Company. Kotobuki has more bang for the buck, yet it's still creative. Try the sushi for 2. Sea Cliff Sushi is much more like Nobu, (the sushi chefs are from there) but the ambiance is very "Grateful Dead". I love them both.

What was popular in 1968?

Pineapple Chicken
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls baked with american cheese rolled inside
Lipton onion soup burgers
Fox's ubet & milk
Moc apple pie (made with Ritz Crackers)
Laughing Cow cheese cubes
Baked Clams
Frozen Sara Lee marble cake
Chef-Boy-Ardee (ew!)
Cinnamon Toast
Chocolate covered graham crackers
Yarlsberg cheese

Apr 28, 2008
monalisawoman in General Topics

Best place for a picnic in Manhattan?

Try St. Lukes Church, on Hudson street, in the west village. It has a peaceful yard in the back, with a lovely lawn & garden. The picnic food choices are infinite, with Hudson St. being one of the best foodie streets in the city.

Apr 28, 2008
monalisawoman in Manhattan

George Martin - Douglaston

Is this place where the old Weeping Beech used to be? (near the Douglaston Train Station)

Apr 19, 2008
monalisawoman in Outer Boroughs

Food you eat in the privacy of your own home? (WARNING: Potentially disgusting, feel free to not open if you are squeamish)

i lick peanut butter off a butter knife, standing at the kitchen counter. I try not to let the kids catch me ;-)

Apr 17, 2008
monalisawoman in General Topics

N.West Nassau County- Chow-Worthy?

Bad Bob's is in Manorhaven, but they are also opening on Main Street. The Manorhaven location is right on the dock at the Capri Marina, and it's a great place to go in the summer. You'll feel like you're on vacation! I can't speak for the meat, but the fired clams are plump & juicy, and the sweet potatoe fries are delicious.

Old, traditional bakeries/pastry shops that still exist

I second Storks! Love that cinnamon jelly donut, & their assorted cookies.

Apr 03, 2008
monalisawoman in Outer Boroughs

N.West Nassau County- Chow-Worthy?

Here's my 2 cents worth:
Port Washington:
Italian: La Piccola Liguria (excellent!)
Pizza: Salvatore's Coal Oven Pizza
Korean/Vietnamese: Mama's Delight
Japanese: Yamaguchi or Rock N' Saki
Japanese (Manhasset) Kotobuki
Japanese (Sea Cliff): Sea Cliff Coffee & Sushi Co.
Mexican (Manahasset): Besito
Mexican Take-out (Roslyn): Green Cactus (best fish taco!!!)
Chinese: Shanghai Pavillion
Diner: Seven Seas (i totally agree with Lloyd on that one overall, though i do like the spannakopita at the Port Washington Diner on Main St.)
Weather Permitting: Bad Bob's BBQ (pretty good fried clams!)
Bakery: Diane's in Roslyn, or Baked to Perfection in PW
Ice Cream: Emack & Bolio's in Manhasset

If i think of more, i'll add it later.

lunch with a view on LI?

Look into Louie's, in Port Washington. The food has been amazing lately! It's right on the harbor, where you can stroll to your heart's content, after the meal.

Pesach without Tam Tam's - 2008

they've also been spotted in Fairway on Long Island! Maybe it's a mass-media hoax, to stimulate Tam Tam sales!!??!!

Mar 27, 2008
monalisawoman in General Topics

Pesach without Tam Tam's - 2008

my children will be horrified.

Mar 27, 2008
monalisawoman in General Topics