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Lunch rec between BWI and Baltimore

Tell me more about R & R. Nevermind... http://www.rrtaqueria.com/

Lunch before Wicked with 12-year old girls

I went to Wicked today. We stopped at Alice's on 73rd beforehand. Everyone really enjoyed it. Thanks for the suggestion from six years ago.

Nov 30, 2013
2000man in Manhattan

Getting to Grace Garden via bike

That is good advice. I don't think those streets are very bike friendly.

The Source - Wolfgang Puck - Recent thoughts?

I went there in July. It was good and event worthy. I really liked everything I ordered, but it didn't blow me away. I think it is kind of pricey.

1st time to baltimore

Do a search of old threads here. Also, there is a thread at the top of this page with many recs.

Must hit spots - Baltimore

How can you mention beer and omit Brewer's Art? Eat at the bar in the basement. It is near the Helmand? FWIW, Helmand is owned by the Karzai family (pres.of Afganistan). I like Iggie's for pizza. I love Peter's Inn.

Dark star, do you have recs for Toronto and Montreal for me? I am headed north this month for a day or two.


Thanks for the review. I am going there in the near future. Sounds great.

Good Homemade Carry Out Soup Baltimore

Soups on?

Lutherville breakfast/lunch recs

I agree with most of your takes Noah. However, I prefer Greg's Bagels to THB. I went to THB on Monday. It was good, but I still like Greg's. Greg's salmon selection is great (try the Canadian Candy).

I will have to try Fazzinis.

Eloping in DC


Lutherville breakfast/lunch recs

If you love your grandmother, drive her to Iggies. Pasta Mista and Italian Gardens are in Towson. Both are good options. The latter is in a mall and has plenty of seating. Jake's pit beef is amazing. You could carry out from there. I would drive to Baltimore for your Breakfast. It is not that far out of your way. The beltway is always backed up.

Times Square area with Kids, well mannered girls, 8 and 11

I hit Ellen's Stardust Diner and Pizzarte today. Both were really great. I had a great time at Ellen's and good meat at Pizzarte. I had the margherita pizza and the eggplant lasagna. Thanks for the recs. I also stopped at Bouchon and had a brownie.

Nov 23, 2012
2000man in Manhattan

Seeking inexpensive caterer in Baltimore

+1 for the Knish Shop

Nov 14, 2012
2000man in Kosher

Land of Kush - Vegan Soul Food Baltimore


I thought my comment made it clear that I had read your profile. I love the Monkey Bar. FWIW, I am not the basis for the Stones's song I took my handle from.

Peace and Love,

Baltimore novice looking for a restaurant

If you go to Fells Point, get Pitango gelato.

Midtown BRUNCH

I went to the Breslin for brunch a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Thanks. It was a little over 15, but it was very good. I liked the vibe and view of the kitchen we had from our booth. Thanks for the suggestion.

Aug 21, 2012
2000man in Manhattan

Romantic dinner for 2 in Downtown DC

Thanks Elyssa and Katecm. My wife and I had a nice dinner at Urbana. Ironically, we stayed at the Hotel Palomar a couple of years ago and shunned the restaurant. I thought the cocktails were great. Our food was very good. Nice rec. Thanks.

Romantic dinner for 2 in Downtown DC

Bump. I would like to hit up someplace with great food that is romantic and hip, but not stuffy for restaurant week. My wife is a vegetarian (who eats some fish). I was thinking Rasika. Maybe zaytinya?

Link to restaurant week:

Pit Beef near Timonium/Lutherville?

Thanks everyone for suggesting Jakes. I have hit him up twice in the last two months and was impressed with the ribs and the beef both times. He even invited me to his customer appreciation day on my second visit.

Best Feta Baltimore

Agreed on Prima. My greek friends swear by it.

Good Maryland tomatoes..

Great thread. Totally agree on mater samwiches. They are the best. I am going to make my own mayo this year to go with mine. FWIW, my wife's garden is several weeks from producing tomatoes.

Toss-Northeast Baltimore

I ate here a couple of nights ago. I had a large cheese pizza. It was 9 bucks and good (the gourmet pizzas are double the price). I also tried their eggplant sandwich. It was good, a little rich, but good. My kids really enjoyed their meatballs. I would go back. Everything was good. Staff was very nice.

Food Lover's Guide to Baltimore

You really need to check out Land of Kush (one or two stops up the light rail from Lexington Market by Maryland General and State Center). Try the Kale. Get the Collared greens over rice. Enjoy some seriously sweet agave sweetened, sweet tea. The Mac 'n Cheese and the Baked Eggplant are great. The lasagna is great, too.

Near Fairmont Hotel, Washington, DC

I like Hank's Oyster Bar. If you like oysters and bars, then it might be for you.

Baltimore's Newest Restaurants

Has anybody tried Fork and Wench?

Food Lover's Guide to Baltimore

Give Liquid Earth a try. That place is great. It is good food, not just for vegan hippies.

Where to buy ramps?

Steve, the Green Grocer at Belvedere Square in Baltimore has them. It sounds like too far a hike for you, but other might want to give him a try.

Food Lover's Guide to Baltimore

I love Greg, too. I think the bagels are good. I enjoy eating them. They are not NY style, but they are good and unique. I like to get bagels from Greg and salmon from Neopol.

Food Lover's Guide to Baltimore

Huh. I was under the impression that it had been called Peter's Inn for a long time (like over 20 years). Karen and Bud (the current owners) bought it from Peter and kept the name. Did you mean that you lived there before Karen and Bud bought it?

Food Lover's Guide to Baltimore

Peter's Inn. I used to live around the corner. My wife and I always had a great time there. I haven't been in over a year, but it is a great Baltimore restaurant.