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Classic BLT Sandwich

Why would one add salt to a sandwich that has bacon as it's main ingredient ? Miracle Whip over Mayonaise ?

Aug 28, 2012
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Bourbon-Bacon Barbecue Sauce

Sounds like a sweet KC style sauce from the ingredients ?

Aug 02, 2012
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Grilled Skirt Steak with Red Miso

Red Miso ? Those look like green beans to me ?

Jul 23, 2012
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Angel Hair Pasta with Spicy Vodka Sauce

I guess the Vodka releases chemicals in the other ingredients for flavor. I usually make hot dogs or chili and use an inexpensive beer for flavor. The alcohol even in wine gets cooked out and evaporates rapidly.

May 09, 2012
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Basic Bananas Foster

Just me, but who needs the rum even ? I used to make this without the banana liqueur and rum on the electric stove. It was fine without the fire show and alcoholic effects.

Jan 19, 2012
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Linguine with Clams and Chorizo

Where I think this goes wrong is sausage and clams. That sounds like a nasty combination. Leave it as linguine with one or the other. I wouldn't begin to ruin linguine and clam with pork or beef sausage. I'd stop and make it linguine and a white clam sauce/topping.

Apr 05, 2011
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Chipotle, Beef, and Bean Chili

Same recipe as this one ?

Only more tomato, sauce & diced. Also added the beans. This is almost the same exact recipe I make from a pre mixed chili seasoning packet. I mega ingredient though. I add 3 lbs of ground beef, another can of beans, even more tomato sauce and diced.

Mar 14, 2011
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Chili con Carne

You could even use it on pasta, similar to a Cincinnati style chili. Although it's not really the same, taste is in the palate of the person eating the dish.

Mar 14, 2011
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Chili con Carne

Just me but the ingredients and picture tends to suggest this as a topping for a chili-dog ? I prefer a more full featured chili too, more ingredients, Adding beans, corn, peppers to give it a flavor and festive color to decorate the table or plate. And chili isn't rocket science, chili powder packets that are pre-mixed can be spiced up with additional spices just the same. Regardless, even the least expensive and generic of these pre-mixed spices are quite good as is.

Mar 14, 2011
Jimbo00 in Recipes


I recall growing up on Saturdays, my mom turning my father loose on preparing his own meals. He'd take a few cheap hot dogs and slice them up like sausage cross sections and adding them. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on your bowl and eat with sour dough rolls. Pretty good meal.

Nov 03, 2010
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Gumbo Z'herbes

@elizsafox, Cajun is never more trouble than it's worth. I'm a carnivore, so the part about this dish beating out the:

is a matter or preference.

Oct 05, 2010
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Chili con Carne

With any chilli, I pour a cheap beer into it to give it a unique flavor.

May 24, 2010
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Cornmeal Fried Catfish with RĂ©moulade

Fried fish only tastes good with 4, maybe 5 toppings.

1. The red cocktail sauce
2. tartar sauce
3. malt vinegar
4. squeezed lemon or lime
5. Louisiana hot sauce

Apr 08, 2010
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Delicious Italian Meatballs !!

Almost exactly the way my Sardinian ancestors made it too. They also used to make their own pasta, the gnocchi was a treat !

Apr 04, 2010
Jimbo00 in Home Cooking

Chicago style pizza in Broward or Dade?

"Until someone can prove me wrong though, I still beleive Capone's is the go to place for displaced Illinoying people to plant themselves when they crave a slice of CHICAGO."

"Illinoying" ? From a former Wisconsin native that I once met, they call them "FIB's" (F*cking Illinois Bastards")

Pizza in Miami

netmover, you sound like I was as a child with pizza and brownies, middles only ! But as I've come to enjoy food more, pizza crusts are the bomb. I've also come full circle and realized the corners and sides of brownies are better than or just as good as the middles. What you suggest regarding ACFP is that the last bite isn't good, it's actually garbage to be discarded with the empty box ? I prefer a crust that has just enough sauce that the crust is a cheese-less pizza unto itself, a saucy bread stick for lack of a better description.

As for the order, funny you broke up the pizza with an order of chicken wings and ribs ? Chicken wings are another debate/subject altogether ?

Pizza in Miami

racer x, amazing you hit Anthony's for too salty and even expensive. I found Pizza Fusion superior to Anthony's. And they both are competitively expensive. Three things that I'll avoid in Italian food. Too much salt, too burnt and the other too much garlic. Two of those three are seasonings and shouldn't be the dominant flavors. And with Anthony's, the spots that are burnt, you might as well throw that part away. Is the crust so burnt that it makes your gums bleed ?

Pizza in Miami

Auger, funny you came away with the same impression of the Paul & Young Ron that I did. I didn't go to the Pinecrest, but trust me they burn a pizza wrong at Anthony's coal fired pizza and it's not just an opening day thing, they do it that way every time I've been there. Burning a pizza to me is being able to burn the cheese without charing the crust. Anyway, I prefer the crust crunchy on the outside, yet chewy and not dried out., the center should be thoroughly cooked with enough sauce to even flavor the bites of the crust. I only go to Anthony's coal fired if I'm forced by a group lunch, I'll even try to get out of that luncheon group if at all possible.

Pizza in Miami

NMB area, I have to agree, Steve's is the best I've had and they do Sicilian which is my favorite.

After that, Chicago's Pizza, I like their supreme. I think that Anthony's near Biscayne and 163rd, if it's the one I'm thinking of, and drove by that strip mall, they may not be open anymore ?

Another I tried, expensive in comparison though, Pizza Fusion off Biscayne at the Publix near FIU.

In Doral, there's an Anthony's coal fired, but I'll be perfectly candid, places that name a pizza after Paul & Young Ron (radio DJ's with their own show) can't be really that good ? Just me, I prefer Loven Ovens in that area. I will say Anthony's has a superior interior dining experience though.

Loven Ovens
8373 NW 12th Ave, Miami, FL 33150

Best Sicilian Pizza in Dade/Broward County?

Steve's does have it by the slice, but I'd have it made to order. You can even have them "burn" the cheese, if that's the way you prefer it. They do a great job of burning only the cheese without drying out or burning the crust. The crust is toasty/crunchy too.

I order it baked normally & "wet", meaning extra sauce.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

"What to buy: Meatballs shouldn’t be where you hide second-rate ground meat, so look for quality meat from a good butcher."

I love it that someone finally came out and said it ! And use higher quality bread crumbs too. Far too often I've wound up at an Italian restaurant that passed off a larger version of a swedish meatball as authentic Italian meatballs. The ingredients and recipe above isn't the exact one, but Niki of Dayton in this thread is very close:

Apr 03, 2010
Jimbo00 in Recipes

Where can i get Oaxacan cheese?

I'm going thru the same situation as you in Miami, FL. The solution I found is they carry it at Wal-Mart grocery/super store in the specialty cheese section. It's $ 4.98 for 12 oz and the brand is OL'E Oaxaca cheese. The cheese isn't stringy in the vacuum sealed package, it's actually a lump of cheese and is similar if not identical to mozzarella. If you go back to this link, it's even referred to as Mexican mozzarella:


Anyway, I'm thinking the lump can be grated or there is some type of string cheese shredder that can be found on-line too ?

Now I know why it's hard to come by though, it's more expensive than other cheeses that are substitutes and that said, you won't find it at the Tex Mex restaurants. I ate here once and the food has me working overtime to find a close substitute on the East coast without going to a place that breaks the bank:

Sure we have Mexican restaurants here in Miami that are the more mainstream, Tex Mex food, but to be honest, the food at Gueleguetza, the prices are a bonus, it's hard to sit in front of a plate of Tex Mex and try to enjoy it. I'm tired of eating Mexican restaurants that serve you food that looks like a reheated frozen tv dinner and passing it off as authentic. My mom makes excellent enchiladas and burritos, I have that recipe somewhere and I'm going to go into production at home.

Florida City and Homestead, FL there is a higher concentration of Mexican people. But that's a long way to drive for me. But to get better authentic quality you have to do what you have to do. And it's a lot closer than LA, CA.

Feb 18, 2010
Jimbo00 in Manhattan