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Sushi Nishi-ya in Glendale

My wife found this thread and suggested we try it because we have been looking for a great, cozy sushi restaurant in the the neighborhood for quite some time now. First, let me start by saying that we have been going to Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo's Honda Plaza for years now. Since trying this restaurant several months ago, we have not been back to Little Tokyo. We use to go to Sushi Gen any where from 2 - 3 times a month (on average). WE HAVE FOUND OUR NEW FAVORITE SUSHI RESTAURANT! I am SO excited about this place! The sushi is the best tasting sushi I have ever had. We've gone here at least 10 times now. This is the kind of restaurant that I would make an effort to drive to if I lived in LA. But since I live in Glendale, that just makes it an added bonus! I've taken several different friends and they all agree that this place is the best sushi they have had as well. Beer and Sake are available to accompany the many different fresh selections that KenGi offers. He goes to the fish market every morning and picks out only the best fish. So, what he serves is the freshest and best quality he can get. We are surpirsed that there is not a line out the door to get seated in this small and cozy restaurant.

Prices are reasonable, but our bill comes out to be quite expensive becasue of the amount of sushi we eat and beer and sake we drink. I take every opportunity I have to spread the word about this great new find, but I have to be careful because if this place becomes too popular, I'm afraid the quality may go down and I might not be able to get a seat the next time we visit. Right now, we are averaging 2 visits every 3 weeks.

The chef, Ken-Gi, is VERY nice and soft spoken. Loves to serve. The only server is his wife, Masako. I'd love to make this hard working family successful!

Because Nishiya is omakase style, you shouldn't compare this place to Nozawa... the service is much better and for the time being (due to lack of popularity) there is no wait.

Some cons: Don't go with children - no high chairs, tempura, teriyaki, california rolls, etc.

The average check for eating and drinking is about $60 per person for dinner. We eat and drink alot!

Great sushi around Hollywood & Highland that is open on Sundays?

Didn't Kabuki's open up on Vine a little while ago? I don't think they would be closed on Sunday's. Their sushi isn't the best, but it should be good enough to satisfy your fix.

Old Havana Espresso at Porto's

I went to Porto's this morning to get some muffins and of course some potato balls, but wanted some coffee too. I'm usually a non flavored, black coffee drinker, (i.e. double espresso, or coffee black) but I decided to try an OLD HAVANA ESPRESSO that they have there. It had a sweet and sour-ness to it, but still strong enough to be an espresso. What's in that? It was quite delicious. Anybody know?

One of the best Italian dishes.

For Italian in Glendale, I would normally suggest Frescos on Brand, but they have a new owner. Frescos chef use to be the owner, so now with a new chef/owner, I'm not sure how good the food is anymore. A friend swears that the new decorations and food are much better... but I'm sceptical. I'm sure I'll be trying it some day.

Is Anything As Good As IN-N-OUT BURGER??!! [Moved from L.A. board]

I gotta agree on the Cassell's. Great burgers and you can have them made with so many offered options! Apple Pan has great burgers too. In-n-out, my top 3.

Sep 29, 2006
shabushabulova in Chains

Habit Burger Grill in Glendale

My coworker said this place was really good. Went there and ordered a charburger with bacon and onion rings. The burger was good, not great. The ingredients were all fresh but I'd prefer apple pans any day. The onion rings were nice and large and pretty good. I saw on their menu that they have a tri tip sandwich and promised myself I would go back and try that next time. So, I went there a couple of weeks ago and I must say, I was disappointed. The beef was a little on the rough side and it didn't seep as special as it sounded. I ordered the barbeque sauce on the side and I must say that the sandwich NEEDED the sauce. I'm willing to go back to try their other items but only if some of you can give me some suggestions or feedback. For example, hows the pastrami or chicken club sandwich? I've been in the mood for cobb salad these days so I might try that out too. If I'm craving a burger, I'm still going to in-n-out.

One of the best Italian dishes.

I'm in Glendale and have never been there... location? I really want to try all 3 dishes mentioned so far!

Good deli in Pasadena?

The only deli I can think of is not in Pasadena. Mario's in Glendale. I'm actually eating one of their sandwiches as I type. Corned beef with havarti cheese. The sandwich is so large I was planning on eating half now and saving the other half later, but the sandwich is so delicious, I couldn't contain myself! If you want a nice sandwich in Pasadena, the only place I can think of is Lavash wraps... in Old town.

Which Ramen Houses represent the best of the 4 kinds of ramen?

I posted Takeshi Ramen in Glendale a few weeks back. I have tried their shoyu and miso (through a friends order) and both are probably the best I've had. Keep in mind I've only been to 2 other ramen houses. Search earlier threads with Takeshi and Glendale, and it will come up.

any good tacos in glendale?

My 2 places I will go for tacos in Glendale are...
1. Gina's Taco's on Colorado Blvd. just East of Pacific on the West side of the street. Small little hut. Stick with the asada tacos... their burritos are not good at all and the other meats (i.e. pastor, lengua, carnitas) are all not that good either. I think maybe because those meats are not as popular and they sit around much longer? They are open late (I don't know if they are 24 hours but I have gone there late nights before).
2. Tapatio #?? - On Glendale Blvd South of Los Feliz on the East side of the street. I use to go here all the time 10-15 years ago. Great meats all around and great prices too. I reccomend this over Gina's.

All that said, if I'm craving tacos and am willing to drive a bit outside of Glendale, I will go to King Taco in Pasadena. Parking is a pain, but they have set the standard for tacos in my opinion.

Koreatown for a Group of 12

I was going to suggest the same... Chosun Galbi is your best bet

Mario's vs. Bay Cities

Don't know about Monte Carlo's or Bay Cities (haven't been to either)... but I've been going to Mario's Deli since I was a kid. Loved it then, love it now! I use to always get the roast beef sandwich there. A foot long roll sliced horizontally twice to make a double layered sandwich (triple layer?). Both layers contain plenty of beef that is very tasty, fresh, soft and moist with a little bit of pinkness to it. (The perfect ROAST BEEF) They also throw in lettuce, tomatoes, onions and "mix" which is your basic mayo/mustard spread. They also put slices of cheese in each deck. Sounds basic, tastes beyond that! You get all ingredients in every single bite! As I grew older, I've ventured to other subs which I love all the same! Meatball sub - great!, honey ham and havarti cheese - melts in your mouth!; sausage - just as great as meatball; proscuito with havarti cheese - excellent; even their vegetarian sub is awesome! with all different surprises inside including: artichoke hearts and avocado. My current favorite is corned beef with havarti cheese... They also make their own tiramisu which they sell frozen to eat at home later. It is sooooo good! I also will stop by to pick up a slice of pizza which is very authentic and a single slice for under $2.00 is very filling. So, my suggestion... try a basic sandwich first, like roast beef, turkey, ham, etc. and then go back and try a different sandwich, and then another, and another. Took me over 20 years!

Who makes your favorite FRIED RICE?

Kwon's in Pomona. A small little whole in the wall that serves mountains of food for their inexpensive plates. The chicken, shrimp and vegetables is usually what we order. One plate can actually feed 3 grown adults, but we ALWAYS order our own plates! I think a plate is around 6 bux.

1625 W Holt Ave Pomona, CA 91768-3341 (909) 629-6888

Takeshi Ramen in Glendale

Went there for lunch today and actually have been there before. I may not be a noodle or ramen expert, but this has to be close to the best ramen that I've had. Granted, I haven't had ramen at too many places besides at home (hundreds of different types of instant ramen) but this place is much better than the one I've been to over on Sawtelle on the Westside. I ordered a lunch special for $6.75 which comes with your choice of I think 3 different ramens or 2 other main dishes, and one of the following appetizers: gyoza, chicken wings, sesame chicken or california rolls (3 pieces). After debating with myself over the sesame chicken or the california rolls (wondering if the california would be any good in a ramen house) I decided to give the california rolls a try. So my order was a shoyu ramen (chashu pork, egg & vegetables in a soy sauce soup) and the california rolls. The california rolls were surprisingly good and more than 3 pieces would have been too much for me. It was fresh, the rice was not stale, and flavorful. Usually california rolls that come with a lunch special have been made earlier in the day and sitting around a while before it gets to your mouth. The shoyu ramen was very good. The soup base was not too salty and the noodles were a perfect texture (not chewy or crunchy, but in between). The pork (2 slices) was cooked to a soft perfection with LOTS of flavor. Best pork I've had in a ramen. The only con is that there wasn't enough noodles or vegetables. It may be because it's part of a lunch special, but there was enough food for me. I did have to order extra bean sprouts for $.50 but, I would have done that even if there was enough vegetables and noodles.

Give this place a try, they are fairly new (about 1.5 years) and they are in a location that used to be a ramen house for 15 years prior. They are right across the street from California Pizza Kitchen and Olive Garden on Brand, just north of Broadway.

They have a pretty large menu with lots of variety... meaning I'll have to go back at least 20 times to try everything once, but I don't think I'll order anything but the shoyu ramen for a while.

Takeshi Ramen
126 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91203

Need Chowhelp... valley to camarillo

Thanks for the suggestions! We actually wanted to eat sushi, so we drove by MASA Sushi (as suggested on previous posts on chowhound) and it was too crowded. There were people waiting outside with beers in their hands. We were too hungry to wait so we looked up another sushi restaurant on our GPS and found Sushi Asakura. We walked in to find a nice little sushi restaurant that wasn't too crowded and had an authentic feel to it. Not too fancy nor over decorated. The owner is the sushi chef and his wife does any of the cooking in the back. We ordered our usual sushi items: yellowtail, salmon, squid, sea urchin, white fish (usually we order halibut with ponzu sauce but they only had snapper) spanish mackerel, and their king mackerel (1 of several specials for the day). We also had baked green mussels, one Kirin beer, one large hot sake, and one small sake. To be honest, the green mussels were decent, but the sushi was surprisingly good. We have been spoiled with regards to sushi by no other than Sushi Gen (422 E. 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA) in Little Tokyo, where we use to visit 1-3 times a month until we found out we were pregnant and the high mercury in sushi was a no-no. The cuts were large and fresh. The yellowtail had the right texture that nearly melted in our mouths, and the squid had the perfect crunchiness (not rubbery). The mackerels, both spanish and king, did not have a strong fishiness to it, but it was not as rich as I'm used to. The Uni (sea urchin) was great too. The seaweed used to wrap the uni sushi was not as fresh, but it wasn't one of those "impossible to break once wet" types either. If that restaurant was around the corner from where we live, they would see us there quite often. I'm not Japanese, but most of the customers (3 separate parties) were. Is that a sign that they are doing something right?

Our bill came out to be around $116.00 including tip.

Address: 330 N Lantana St # 22, Camarillo, CA 93010
Phone: (805) 482-1739

about 8 minute drive from the outlet stores.

Need Chowhelp... valley to camarillo

My wife, 4 month old baby and I are going outlet shopping this Friday in Camarillo and would like as many suggestions as possible on where to eat for lunch. Here are some criteria that might help. First, we have a small baby with us, so seating accommodations are important. Second, something on the lighter side so that we aren't weighed down for shopping. Most importantly, it's my wife's birthday, so we'd like to have a great experience! Any suggestions from Glendale to Camarillo, close to Camarillo would be great, or not too far off the 101. Please help me make this day a special one for my wife since she deserves it for working so hard on taking care of our baby boy!

How is Grace these days? Has the addition of BLD affected food or service?

what's bld?

I need dinner suggestions for a picnic basket. Going to The Hollywood Bowl...

We were at doughboys several weeks ago and they have baskets. Haven't tried the baskets yet, but we loved the food, so how could the baskets be bad? All the salads are great... the portobello mushroom salad is what we tried and it was delicious... and of course, you get a desert! I reccomend the red velvet cake.

Best place for daeji bulgogi (spicy pork)

Ham Ji Bak Dal (sp?) on 6th between Kenmore and Catalina. They have the best spicy pork ribs! Awesome soups like kamja ttang (spicy potatoe soup with pork) and kimchee jjigae (spicy kimchee soup with pork).They also have great pork bellies. You cook the meat korean barbeque style (on a grill at your seat).

You HAVE to try the spicy pork ribs (dae ji kalbi). AWESOME