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Frankies' Meatballs

I have their cookbook at home (which I totally recommend!) and have made these before, they are excellent. Do yourself a favor and also make their tomato sauce. Excellent excellent excellent!

Oct 13, 2011
jboughrum in Recipes

Please tell me if you have experience with a CSA?

Oh my goodness. I haven't read everyone elses responses, so I might be re-preaching to you....but...I think it's one of the best things that has ever happened to me. When I lived in Brooklyn, I lived with 5 other people, we joined a CSA and had veggies every week. It was a TON of food, more than 6 of us could manage. When I moved out to LA, I did my research and found a CSA and am so happy I have. I get produce every other week and it's plenty of food for my boyfriend and I. It does make you forces you into the kitchen, which for me, is wonderful. I love it and am enjoying experimenting with everything that we get. If it's a weekly share, my suggestion is to get other people on board with you and share it....and maybe if it's bi-weekly too. I also have decided to volunteer with my CSA and it is such an amazing experience, being so hands on with the food that other like-minded individuals are eating on a weekly basis. And, most of the people I have met are pretty cool. I say go for it. !!

May 06, 2011
jboughrum in General Topics

Jamie Oliver Wants to Change the World

his talk is unbelievably inspiring!

Feb 17, 2010
jboughrum in Features