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20somethings birthday

hi all it's my birthday in about 2 weeks, and i need to reserve for 8 people or so, we're all in our early 20s and university students.
i'd like to get an opinion on the following restaurants based on bang for your buck as well as the odds of me getting a table for that many people if i book soon. the restaurants im considering are the following.
2) Lemeac (not after 10)
3)Caffe della posta
4) l'atelier

which would be my best bet, and if you have any other suggestions feel free to share


i went there a few months ago shortly after opening.

The place was solid, different than il mulino (which isn't a bad thing), with a pretty good vibe. The antipasto was a lovely mix of various grilled veggies, olives, marinades cheeses and what not. I had the pappardelle with cinghiale ragu' as a primo and it was good, the sauce was quite flavourful and i remember it being either slightly overly salty or lacking salt, it's been a while. Had lamb as a main course with some awesome potatoes and a nice side of fava beans and ciccoria. can't recall desert but im sure it was good as well, the coffee was anyway.

In short it was memorable, good no nonesense italian food, sort of like what i'm used to at home but a bit more refined at a fairly reasonable price. I remember the wine list as being quite extensive despite not choosing it.

i'd go back and probably will

Best subs in Montreal?

man you guys need to get out east a bit more. the best subs in the city are all in italian places east of pie-ix

they're all standard italian subs, fried onions, eggplants, your choice of meat but they beat the hell out of any other ones that i've had in this city. To mention subway and quiznos is sacrilege.

cafe milano is solid
ciociaros is awesome
bologna's fantastic
and al's in rdp was good from my memory though it's been a bit

finally if you don't wanna come east Bocci in ville lasalle as well a solid offering

there's also another place in st.leo that makes fantastic subs i believe it's called victoria's but im not 100% sure

ciociaro's also has a location on st.viateur, not as good as the st.leo subs but it satisfies me late at night.

ISO Sausage casings/intestines

from my experience most italian butchers have them, shouldnt really be a problem finding them but you're always better off calling them up in advance and asking most places can get you some if given enough notice

beer kegs in montreal

im throwing a birthday party for a friend of mine and im wondering if anyone knows whether the saq or the breweries sell kegs to the public.
i know the beer store in ontario sells them but im not willing to make the drive out to cornwall or ottawa

thanks in advance

belgian waffles

hi all
i was wondering if anyone knew a place where i could get some fresh belgian waffles, im not talking the breakfast kind with tons of toppings, i want real waffles warm dusted with sugar preferably from a bakery
i had to give in to the dismal ones at metro to calm down my craving but it just wont go away