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Best Falafel in NYC?

J'rusalem Grill on 62nd and 1st ave...the best fallafel i have eaten..they make it daily because they alwayse seem to run out so they have no choice BUT to make it fresh
and for 5 bucks?...yea lunch is on me =)

Feb 16, 2010
CrackFood in Manhattan

Jerusalem Grille UES

i have told alot of my freinds about this place the food is fresh..and the fallafel is amazing
it is a bummer that its alwayse an open/closed situation because when im feending for a fallafel i have to wait untill dinner time when i know they sre open

Feb 16, 2010
CrackFood in Manhattan

A 2nd Jerusalem?

funny thing...
its not associated with the 103rd broadway jerusalem...tha guy who runs tha store sold the rights to some other dude who is runnin the store now
but the owner of j'rusalem grill on 62nd n 1st ave used to work at 103rd and broadway
and the fallafel is SO much better on 62 and 1st

Feb 16, 2010
CrackFood in Manhattan