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Where can I buy Whitakkers Kiki Chocolate in New York?

Or order online from the US? This is a New Zealand Product

Oct 20, 2014
petuniafromhell in Manhattan

Monday Night Dinner with 20 month old 51 and Lex.

I need dinner suggestions: 3 adults and a 20th month old. Not too expensive.

May 07, 2014
petuniafromhell in Manhattan

Dry Christmas Cake Help are the ingredients.
My mom adds hald the brown sugar and the rest is molasses..also she uses all buttter instead of oil and margarine..

Dec 05, 2013
petuniafromhell in Home Cooking

Dry Christmas Cake Help

Need help...i'm from Panama, where its extremely humid 365 days a year. I've made my grandmother's christmas cake over there and it comes out suuuper moist...almost fudgy...the recipe is pretty basic, flour, eggs, sugar, oil, leavener, and half of the candied fruits (which have been soaking for decades in brandy) are pureed and added to the mix. When I make it in New York in the winter, it comes out suuuuuuper dry. I even had my mom come here and make it and she couldn't figure out why it came out so dry.

Any suggestions on what I can do to make it the same other than flying to Panama and baking it over there?

Oct 26, 2013
petuniafromhell in Home Cooking

Where can I buy Argentinian sausages? sales them but they are $25 plus $14 shipping! HELP!

Oct 01, 2013
petuniafromhell in Manhattan

Dinner close to the DoubleTree Suite in Cambridge at 7 with a 1 year old..

The address is 400 Soldiers Field Rd Boston, MA 02134....also, forgot to's for Sunday. Thanks!

Dinner close to the DoubleTree Suite in Cambridge at 7 with a 1 year old..

I'm staying at the DoubleTree and want to have dinner with my husband baby...I wanted to try Highland but it might be too crazy for us...any recommendations on something similar nearby where I can make reservations?

Highland Kitchen 5pm today,Friday: Pre-Loud?

What is this place like on a Sunday at 7? Going there with a 1 year old after doing some sightseeing.

Flour Bakery and Cafe Coming to Cambridge

How is parking in this location? Going to Boston this weekend and want to stop by before we do some sightseeing..thanks.


How is the wait in Pizzeria Regina's on a Sunday around noon - 2 pm? I'm driving from NY and grad lunch there before doing the touristy stuff...

Aqui Es Santa Fe Cafe, new Colombian place in Port Chester

I went there 2 Sundays ago...yummy..and great prices!

Looking for food close to Huron St.

I'm heading to 162 Huron St Brooklyn, NY 11222 to buy some paint and since i'm in Brooklyn I want to find something good to eat. Any suggestions? I never go to Brooklyn so I want to take advantage while i'm there...

Sweet Treats in Hudson, NY

Going on a Tuesday to Hudson, NY for my birthday..any recommendations for sweet treat/desserts?

Aqui Es Santa Fe Cafe, new Colombian place in Port Chester

Is this place still open? Do they open on Sundays? I'm craving some Colombian and don't fee like driving to Queens. If there is any other good Colombian places closet to Yonkers, i'm open to other suggestions...

Birthday Lunch Hudson NY

Going for a day trip on a Tuesday to Hudson, NY..need a place for to any kind of food..nothing that will break the bank but i would like a place that is charming. Going with husband and 1 year old.

quilmes beer yonkers

Where can i buy quilmes beer in lower westchester?

La Portena - Price Range

What are the prices like at La Portena, the Argentinian steakhouse in Queens?

Similar Food Gallery 32

Hi, is there another place similar to Food Gallery 32 in the same neighborhood in Manhattan? I think there is, just can't remember the name or find it!

May 06, 2013
petuniafromhell in Manhattan

Suggestions for Pizza Tour of Manhattan

Been living here for 7 years and I haven't had any of the pizzas the city has to offer..any suggestions of what places i should visit?

Aug 14, 2012
petuniafromhell in Manhattan


Oh, forgot to mention, it's in Tuckahoe in Westchester....


Has anybody been? How was the food?

Bistro Latino in Tuckahoe

So, I went to Bistro Latino on Friday night and I wanted to like it sooo much...but was terrible disappointed. Generally, I’m more forgiving about bad service, but service was terrible...we stood in the front for about 10 minutes and nobody would come and talk to us...then when we finally got a table, our waitress gave us the drink menus...disappeared for a while...then took our drink orders, was a little aggressive in asking me what wine i was having (btw, I’m 36 weeks pregnant, and it's noticeable)....about 15 minutes after the drinks arrived, they gave us our menus, and the waitress kept disappearing, then the manager, came over, to take our order and then we didn't see our waitress for a very long time...we ordered additional drinks, the waitress forgot about it (and she wasn't doing anything, just walking around!) and then the plates were taken we were just sitting there waiting for dessert to be offered...she kept walking around oblivious and then finally when she approached us, we asked for the check and she ask is then if we wanted some coffee or dessert... seriously...for a tiny place, they were well staffed but this girl was such an to the food..

Was disappointing…since service was so slow and we just wanted to eat and get the heck out of there….we ordered the mussels, which were excellent, perfectly cooked…for main we had the short rib and the bronzino and they were both very BLAND…I know we didn’t sample much but the tapas we super expensive…usually, tapas you can find vegetarian items that are around 6 – 10 dollars and the ones with meat and seafood will be the low 10s…but these were pretty expensive. Anyways, I won’t be going back, bad service and bland food…

New Sweets in NYC

It's hot and i'm pregnant...have not gone exploring for new sweets in a long time...what is new in bakeries, sweets shops, chocolatiers, etc?

Jul 17, 2012
petuniafromhell in Manhattan

Palenque Food Truck

I've seen this truck a couple of times before i finally decided to give it a try..the Palenque Food Truck..i ordered the corn arepa with chicken and a side of yuca frita. It took forever for them to get my yuca, not sure why, since all you have to do is fry them to give them crunch and color since they are already blanched. The yuca had the middle strings which made it difficult to eat and it was not seasoned.

The arepa, which i'm not sure (and someone please let me know) it is not like the ones i've had before...i've eaten Venezuelan arepas, not sure if these are different..but it was a hard yellow corn shell, which they serve in a plate open face with the toppings...i had 3 sauces, i green chimichurri like one, avocado and a orange one....all i could taste was the green one and it was very herby and not very good. They serve this on a plate with a plastic fork and knife and it was very difficult to eat and not very tasty..i ended up dumping most of it....

Apr 16, 2012
petuniafromhell in Manhattan

Business Dinner in North Dallas

I need a suggestion on a place to eat in North Dallas. In the past, we have had these dinners at Central 214, Texas de Brazil and the Grand Luxe and would like a new suggestion. Price similar to these places and we need space for around 10 - 15 people.

Business Dinner near to Carrolton

I need a suggestion on a place to eat 10 minutes away from 2050 Chenault Drive, Carrollton, TX 75006. In the past, we have had these dinners at Central 214, Texas de Brazil and the Grand Luxe and would like a new suggestion. Price similar to these places and we need space for around 10 - 15 people.

Office Cake Midtown east

We are tired of Buttercup bakery and need to switch up the office cake for birthday's and goodbyes...any suggestions for a cake in the neighborhood (we are at 51st and Lex) or a short 6 train ride away? Are budget is no more than $30 with taxes...thanks.

Feb 13, 2012
petuniafromhell in Manhattan

Friday - Midtown Foodie

and how is Ma Peche price wise? Let's see we share a whole bunch of apps?

Ma Peche
15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

Oct 12, 2011
petuniafromhell in Manhattan

Friday - Midtown Foodie

Hi, i have a foodie friend visiting this weekend and i'm looking for a midtown foodie restaurant for an early dinner. Ideally, somewhere between Central Park South, 51st Street and the middle of Times Square and maybe not lower than Grand Central. I know this doesn't leave for many choices but because of luggage, etc logistics this is the area we have to work with.

I made a reservation for Ma Peche thinking maybe we could eat only apps but i'm not sure if that will work...any suggestion, we don't want to spend more than $50 per person with/without tax/tip. Food wise, i'm leaning more towards asian flavors but it doesn't really matter, we need a good a meal that you can only get in NYC.

Ma Peche
15 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019

Oct 12, 2011
petuniafromhell in Manhattan

SONO Sunday Lunch

Thanks but no..i'm basically dragging my husband on this trip...need to make things easy for him.