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Paris & Reims report March 12-22

I understand what you mean with there being very little info on Reims. We got here last night but tonight's dinner was amazing - a new restaurant that had just opened 4 weeks ago, L'Évêché, on 48 Rue Chanzy (right by La Table Anna where we wanted to go, but they are closed on Wednesdays).

They make everything in-house, there are selections of what you want for your 2-3 course meal. We had the Platter of the North (Assiete du Nord) and the beets, and the Coq au Vin. The Platter of the North was a great dill-flavoured seafood platter, the beets were both raw and cooked and with a slight hint of cumin. The Coq au Vin was delicious; clearly the product of someone who had put hours of effort into it.

I loved the minimalist decor, and in fact, the restaurant only seats 24 people. Very friendly, hospitable staff (I think it's only the guy who runs it) and clearly a restaurant that was opened as a conscious decision to offer good food. And they do that at very good prices (3 course dinner for 19 EUR)

May 02, 2012
Taste Traveller in France

Massimo Capra at Rainbow Room - Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls...

Between 36 - 42 CAD. Bottle of local red wine (Jackson Triggs) for 40. If you stay at either the Sheraton or the Crown, they have a special offer on now: all guests get 2 $40 gift certificates, one for each restaurant. I think the offer runs until the end of the year; it certainly made our visit a little more palatable.

Massimo Capra at Rainbow Room - Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls...

I went there 3 nights ago, and being the off season, there were hardly 30 people there at 8pm. While I haven't been to Mistura, I was not impressed by the menu: standard meat and potatoes fare. However, the meat and potatoes were very well executed and I was pleased to see that the term "aioli" was being used to refer to an actual aioli, not just a mayonnaise. My disappointment was that they mixed up our orders and th BF got his filet medium-rare, while I got my skirt steak medium. Other than that, the service, and the food was great. However, it's still not the same as NOTL.

265 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R1J9, CA

Sichuan Pavilion: a new find in Rockville

We just went there last night, a Thursday. We ordered:
fried scallion pancakes
sweet and sour seaweed salad
smoked duck
shredded beef with bitter melon
My favourite was certainly the beef with bitter melon; it had a wonderful balance of bitter melon with ginger, garlic and chilies. However, I found there was too much oil in it. This is true of all the dishes we had, except the smoked duck. The food wasn't greasy, but it sat it a pool of oils. Not totally attractive, but the flavour was certainly fantastic.

Looking for Lunch close the Dept of Agriculture

I might be able to spend a bit more time there, maybe an hour, but I'll be catching up with a friend who has a lot to do at the Dept for work :-(

Looking for Lunch close the Dept of Agriculture

I have a lunch date next week, and it needs to be close to the Dept. of Agriculture (metro: Smithsonian) . Looking for a casual place to spend 45-50 minutes. Can anyone recommend anything?

Chinese recipe for oysters?

I just had these last night. I forgot to add the cornstarch to the oysters before I fried them but they were still good. Next time, I will try to remember the cornstarch though - it was that last little element that was missing.

Apr 29, 2010
Taste Traveller in Home Cooking

restaurants in Heidelberg, Germany?

If you're still here, try the Print Media Lounge, right by the train station. Very good, it's my favourite place in HD.

Vetter's (German, brewery) is also good, somewhat touristy.

Qube Hotel (Bergheimerstr.) has a good restaurant - very laid back, but a sleek hotel restaurant with huge windows. They have the best "snack", aioli, foie gras & tapenade. Also, I'm yet the have a better schnitzel in the city.

Pop restaurant (Italian) in the old town is also very good.

Right next to the big church at the market square is a restaurant that serves local cuisine. I haven't yet been but I have heard good things about it:

Across the river is one of the oldest fencing houses in Germany. The food is very good & you're in a historic hotel (ask the owner about the history - his wife is English & his English is very good)

The other suggestions are also very good ones. Enjoy your trip!

Feb 16, 2010
Taste Traveller in Europe