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Wines Til Sold Out website - anyone use it?

Sorry, but that's like saying that you went into ABC Wine Store and bought two wines; one you didn't like and one you did, so you decided not to return again.

Simple answer is to (1) Know what you're buying, either through experience or unbiased reviews, and (2) Have an idea of price for this or similar wines. Obviously, if you can buy the same product locally at a similar or lower price, then do so. It takes about 5 minutes to check online.

I never buy wine "because it's the cheapest I can find," but because it's apparently a good value, and has some cred that I respect. I also like to discover new labels and new varietals, and often WTSO has some real gems.

Finally, @jlbwendt hit the nail on the head. It's backed up by really serious commitment to customer satisfaction from start to end of every purchase.

Nov 08, 2013
Snoman in Wine

A Chowhound Taco Tour

Can't believe that no one posted Taco Asylum, at the camp in Costa Mesa. It's what happens when a Cordon Bleu chef opens a taco restaurant. Check it out at Amazing gourmet combinations never before seen in a tortilla. We love it!

Jul 10, 2013
Snoman in Features

Wines Til Sold Out website - anyone use it?

Have been using for about a year....found some GREAT selections, but know what you're buying and what the current "retail" price is. And don't expect great (if any) customer service. Have been trying to track a shipment for a week now, and can't get a response from them. Likely just the weather issues currently, but the prior orders have been really good deals on great wines.

Feb 15, 2010
Snoman in Wine