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Good Mexican in Keyport

Going out for a buddies birthday and looking for dinner options for a small group. I saw some posts about good mexican in keyport. Any ideas and recommedations would be great. A liquor license is a plus. Not only mexican but any great places in area would be great.

May 25, 2010
msk2503 in New Jersey

Casa Do Leitao SUCKLING PIG!!!!!!!

I tried this place with some friends last week after seeing the post about their roast suckling pig. All I can say is sweet jesus that pig was good. So good I am goingback tomorrow for more and hoping possibly that they might have goat. The place is spotless and service outstanding. Joe who i believe is the owner is extremely gracious and very helpful with any questions. Our reservation was for 4 pm and I think we finally left around 7 or so. I highly recommend this place to anyone. Call a day or so ahed to reserve pig and table. Be patient calling Joe is the only one who speaks english.

Mar 05, 2010
msk2503 in New Jersey

Help finding GOOD FOOD in ocean/monmouth

I am new to chowhound, but really like it so far. What I am looking for is a higher end place that has more of a cutting edge menu. Really no specific ethnicity or style just crazy great food. There are plenty of places in nyc but I don't feel like taking the ride. Looking for a place for next week.

Feb 15, 2010
msk2503 in New Jersey