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Toasted Cashew and Bacon Brittle

I wonder how long this would last in a fridge.
The bacon part is what makes me wonder, though if well coated in the candy I suppose it could last a week or two, maybe?
Any guesses?

Dec 16, 2010
wytetail in Recipes

Beer lover in Quebec city

I've been to La Barberie (for the beer only) and it's good, close enough to DDC, though not quite, in my opinion.
I've heard good things about Le Corsaire but never been.
Also, my cousin who lives in Qc City once refered me to these places for good beer AND grub:

Poutargue in Montreal?

I found this website of italian specialty food suppliers in Mtl that carry bottarga:

In the comments its mentioned that it's possible to buy from them directly.

Special meal downtown for 2: Decca77 or L'Inconnu?

Thanks for the replys!
Au 5e Péché seems very nice indeed.
Too bad I had just reserved at L'Inconnu before reading the comment. Oh well, just makes another nice place to try real soon.
I'm happy I skipped on Decca77 then. I was about to reserve, then when I found it is located in a business tower (ground floor I think, but still) that didn't seem too enticing.
Will post a review in the L'Inconnu thread afterwards.

Special meal downtown for 2: Decca77 or L'Inconnu?

Hi All,
Long-time lurker, first-time poster here!

Im trying to plan a "special" evening with the missus tomorrow (Tuesday Feb. 16th) by going to an Orchestre Symphonique show (at 8PM).
Im trying to find a nice resto for a good & hopefully even surprising meal beforehand (thinking of reserving for 6PM).
Im thinking in the about-80$ range for 2 (sans wine & tax), and was thus considering either Decca77's prix fice at 35$ or L'Inconnu's prix fixe at 40$.

We both have mediterranean blood so we aren't usually moved by Italian restos (had our latest summer vacation in Italy, so Mtl doesn't woo us much in that dept). We love more "ethnic" type cuisine (if I may say it that way) but I want something nice & fresh as cuisine-type before sitting down for 2 hours.
Also -- important point -- my better half is vegetarian.
I thus thought of Takara (in Cours Mont-Royal) but I didn't think it would be as "surprising" as a haute-cuisine meal like Decca or Inconnu. Im not sure though. Also thought of Seingalt and Beaver Hall, but I wanted something more than bistro food.
I'm looking for a downtown-ish location, pretty close to PDA.

Thanks for suggestions!