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Review of restaurants in Laurentians

Here is what we thought of retstaurants in the Laurentians - these are only our suggestions so if our comments go contrary to anyone else's views - we accept there could be multiple opinions of food.

Angkor Restaurant (Saint Adele) - Good Service. Good Ambiance and Good Food. Spring Rolls were avverage. Fish with Ginger Sauce was excellent.

Petit Chaudron (Saint Adele) - LOUSY - Avoid it at all costs. Ambiance very mediocre, Service completely lousy. Food Quality was lousy. We asked for vegetarian soup and she gave us Pea (with Ham) - after we checked to mae sure there was no ham in the soup. Soup tasted like it had come straight from the can. cezar salad came with no cezar dressing - they didn't have any.

Farondole (saint Adele) - The bakery is very good but the restaurant is so-so. Unfortunately there was a hair in the Hot Chevre salad so we never got passed the first bite. Chicken curry wrap was just Ok. Bakery has very good millefeuille and prettygood danish and criossants.

Sunday Brunch at Manoir St. Saveur (St. Saveur) - Service was a bit slow but the Food quality and selection was outstanding. The choices were incredible, you had everything from hot turkey to eggs benedict to poached salmon and a table full of desserts. Lot sof choice and all of it nicely done. One of the best Brunch Buffets I have been yet. Not to be missed!

Obodun (St. Saveur) Good service. Family style restaurant. Kind of like Cora's. Eggs benedict with fresh fruit was good as were the whole wheat crepes. Marshmellos added to the Hot Chocolate is a nice touch.

L'eau de la Bouche. Oe of the best reataurants I have eaten at in Canada. Excellent - if you have the opportunity go there for a meal - you will really enjoy it. Excellent service and outstanding food. We had Tomato Towers - it was the only piece that we felt was not so interesting - it is essentially a tomato salad with chevre and herbs. Seafood 2 ways with extremely fesh oysters and scallop tartar was superb. For main course we had Guinea Hen which was as exciting as Guinea hens get - but the accompanying cream base sauce was very good. Lamb 2 ways was really outstanding! The chops were succulent and the slow cooked lamb was soft, tasty and simply excellent. For dessert: Chocolate cake - rich and chocolatey - and the Goat Cheesecake was was different, interesting adn quite intriguing.

Bon Vivant Grill (Chateau Bonvallon - Mt. Tremblant) : Godo service. Food quality good but a bit uninteresting. Essentially a good restaurant in a good hotel that caters mainly to the hotel guests. The risotto was excellent but the millefeuille aux fruits fell flat on it's face because the chef had used so much fresh raw ginger that it tasted almost medicine like.

Creperie Catherine (Mt. Tremblant Village) A bit overpriced for crepes and service is pretty moody but the creps were ok. Nothing truly exciting but a nice mid way point to stop on the hill in Mt. Tremblant.

Spag & Co (Mt. Tremblant Village) LOUSY Ridiculously overpriced. We expected something like the spaghetti warehouse but this is much more trendier and the food is simply Yuck! Everyone was sending their plates back with loads of food. Nothing was fresh - including the crutons on the cezar salad. Service was slow - lot sof good looking young guys who are clueless. Pasta Arrabiata was below mediocre - teh pasta sauce was tart adn it had no real flavour. Spaghetti with meatballs smelt like dirty baby diapers. Pasta Putanesca had no anchovies and tasted awful as well. if you are looking for a place to eat in Mt. Tremblant village - eat somewhere else.

Auberge Rustic (Lac Superior). Basic but good. service is courteous. Ingredients are fresh. It's the only restaurant on teh road from Lac Superior to Diable entrance of Mt. Tremblant. We tried the Pizza Margherita and the Pizza International and they were both not bad.

Tea Drinkers: HASUTEAS.com - Awesome stuff [Moved from Ontario]

If you like black tea - try one of those - they are excellent. Bi Lo Chun doesn't really have much flavour anyway. I'm going to get some White Peony from them after you recommended it.

Aug 14, 2007
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Restaurants in the Laurentians

Thanks- I've made reservations there. They even do a cooking school there now so will try and get more info on that while I am there.

Restaurants in the Laurentians

Can someone please recommend restaurants in the Laurentians - we are spending a week there. Staying in St. Adele.

Best reasonably priced French restuarant in Montreal

We are visiting Montreal next weekend and would be greatful for some good recommendations for French food in Montreal.


Hmm.. the problem with Indian restaurants is that they all taste the same - and nothing tastes as good as it would in India - not even if you pay big money. Not sure if I would pay that kind of money for regular indian dishes - even if the quality is better that normal.

Tea Drinkers: HASUTEAS.com - Awesome stuff [Moved from Ontario]

I tried some teas from HasuTeas.com - it was really very good. Highly recommend to all tea drinkers. The prices are far better than the ridiculously high priced tea shops and the quality much better.

Jul 27, 2007
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Where to find raw Paneer in Toronto?

Does anyone know where I can find raw paneer in the GTA to make my own paneer dishes at home?