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Hidden gems around Guy/Concordia

I agree with jay, my experience at Le Gourmet Burger wasn't really good
while they do have a lot of toppings and sauces, I thought their burgers were really dry (both my girlfriend's and mine)

however, I will admit that their fries are very good (pretty much the only reason I'd go back again)

Jun 29, 2010
yozyoz in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Mai Xiang Yuan: 1084 Saint Laurent

After reading your positive feedback, I decided to try out Mai Xiang Yuan as well, being a huge fan of Qing Hua, I couldn't wait to try those dumplings.

The girlfriend and I ordered three dishes, beef curry/onion, chinese pickled cabbage/pork, and some handpulled noodles with pork.

However, I was told the handpulled noodles weren't available right now, because the restaurant had just opened, so we settled for a special soup dumpling (which is a soup where they add dumplings in it, not soup dumplings as in xiaolongbao)

as mentionned by eat2much, the dumplings can be pan-fried for an extra 1.50$ per order, but what surprised me is that I couldn't have them steamed. The server told me it took too much time to steam them, and so they only boil or pan fry their dumplings. (during lunch time, at least, not sure about dinner, the server seemed a bit unsure)

while the dumplings were good, I thought they weren't as good as Qing Hua. Some of the dumplings weren't pleated properly and so the "juice" easily leaked out before we even bit the dumpling.

as for the soup, it was something different for us, because we've never had dumplings in a soup before, so I can't really review the dish(I mean, I have nothing to compare it to). I thought it was quite tasty, the broth was good but it's really the dumplings that made the dish. Because the dumplings were in the soup, the dough was all squishy, giving the dumpling a different texture (a good one!)
There's 10 dumplings in the soup by the way.

In the end, we paid 25$ including tip and the 10% off, for those 3 dishes

I agree with eat2much, this is a great addition to Chinatown and I will definitely come back again.

ps. the waiters (both the woman and the man) speak both chinese and english (not perfectly, but still understandable!)

sorry for the typos and grammar mistakes, it is late, but I still wanted to give out my feedback

Jun 14, 2010
yozyoz in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

soup dumplings in MTL?

went to Qing Hua a couple days ago, and there wasn't any xialongbao on the menu. tried asking the waitress to make sure, but no luck :(

so far, I've only had XLB from Noodle Factory in Chinatown

and after reading the entire discussion, I will try out the XLB from Pret A Manger and from Soy

last but not least, does anyone know any other locations where they serve xiaolongbao? :)

Mar 06, 2010
yozyoz in Quebec (inc. Montreal)