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Tour de France

Could anyone reccomend a place to watch the Tour de France? Could be a cafe or a bar-no preference as long as there is the opportunity to watch full stages. I imagine real sports bar will be showing the world cup so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Suggestions for vegan food in between Toronto and Ottawa

I'll be travelling via car from Toronto to Ottawa for a day trip on Saturday and would welcome any suggestions for where to find good vegan food along the way. I'll be looking to reach Ottawa around lunch time. I don't want a vegan specific restaurant but would prefer to hear about any fav dishes or snacks or baked goods people have discovered along the way or in Ottawa. Thanks!

Vegetarian and B12

Tristar naturals
I've emailed them twice and they haven't responded

Nov 18, 2012
xiolablue in Vegetarian & Vegan

Vegetarian and B12

Can a sublingual B-12 supplement be vegan if it lists lactose as a non medicinal ingredient but also says that it contains no animal products.
Would the lactose be synthesized as well as?
It is labeled as methylcobalamin suitable for vegetarians.
Ok for vegans?

Nov 17, 2012
xiolablue in Vegetarian & Vegan

Live Organic Food Bar (long)

Has anyone been recently? I'd love to read a more current review if anyone has.

The Works - Gourmet Burger Chain (opening in Oakville, already in Ottawa, etc)

tried this place when i was in Ottawa
nothing special
the location I went to was very dirty, service was not great
it was the one on Bank street

' Ortolan ' - Anyone?!

"like the FOH and BOH staff were both passing the time by making fun of their customers."


Belly Ice Cream - have you tried it??

Saw at least 10 flavors in mcewan's at the shops at don mills yesterday, think the price was $12.99 can anyone make a comparison with Ed's?

Krispy Creme Donuts

there is a location at harbord and bathurst, south side of harbord

GLOBE EARTH comes to Bloor West Village

Hmmmmm haven't been to the other locations but visited this one tonight. I will not go back. Servers were wonderful. Full menu not available on rooftop patio yet. Nice wine options- only one beer on draught-steam whistle

Food presentation nice but OVER salted to the point return

Disappointing, my opinion only of course

Searching for Tam Tam Crackers...

I think I have seen these crackers in the Longo's at Leslie and York Mills.

ISO Really good Tiramisu made in house - Toronto

I believe the Tiramisu at The Big Raggu on Lansdowne Ave. is homemade.
I've only had it once, to go, but I remember it being really yummy.

Hundred Acres recs?

That is funny Pan because when I went I sat at the bar and had the best service from their bartender and a couple of really good G&T with Hendricks.

Desidero for dinner I had the mushroom lasagna special and it was delicious!
Might be tough to get though since it was a special not sure how often it is offered.


Jan 07, 2011
xiolablue in Manhattan

Motherhome Myanmar Cuisine?

please be sure to post a review. i've been wanting to try it as well!

The Website You Always Wanted to See, But Were Afraid To Ask For


Anyone know about the BIG walnut on bloor?

looks like it is called the nuthouse
has anyone been in to check it out?

Nice place in Ottawa with great food?

I was in Ottawa for business about 2 months ago.

We had dinner at Murray Street and I thought it was great.

We had the spatzle poutine, mariposa duck wings, bacon n' sprouts, and the farm feature which I think was a lamb pot pie.

Murray Street
110 Murray St, Ottawa, ON K1N5M6, CA


the brazenhead has a fireplace on the lower level, but the food is not great

Weather Up Tribeca

Has anyone been for drinks?

Searched for a review but could find not a one...

Thinking of going for after dinner drinks as our hotel is nearby...or are we better off at the Harrison or Tribeca Grill..


Tribeca Grill
375 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013

Weather Up
159 Duane St, New York, NY 10013

Nov 23, 2010
xiolablue in Manhattan

Best Time to go to the Breslin

quick question...

website says on saturday brunch goes till 4pm

dinner starts at 5:30pm

is the bar area open between 4 pm and 5:30pm as the post above suggests that it might be???


Nov 23, 2010
xiolablue in Manhattan

Best Breakfast and Brunch in Manhattan, 2010 Version

hey kathryn
vistor from Toronto wondering what your pick for sunday morning, hell's kitchen, between 7-9am would be....any recos?

Nov 22, 2010
xiolablue in Manhattan

Early breakfast in Ottawa

Headed to Ottawa and I need a reco for an early breakfast spot. I would have to be finished dining at 8:45am at the latest. Staying right near the market-whats good, and open?

restaurants in TO using paper placemats printed with cocktail suggestions?

I'm sure I have seen these place mats at Satay on the Road on Bayview Avenue although it was years ago.

Anyone know about the BIG walnut on bloor?

does anyone know anything about the new shop/restaurant on north side of bloor just east of lansdowne with the BIG walnut on the facade? I believe it is just west of Calico.

I'm curious.


The HOP- Never Again (sigh)

not sure if this is how linking to a past topic works but let me do my part in helping others stay away...

recos close to the sound academy

i am looking for a combination of both actually-somewhere with decent food and drink in an albeit impossible location

any suggestions Herb?
thank you for all who have replied

recos close to the sound academy

thanks guys very helpful!

does Weezie's have a patio?

354 King St E, Toronto, ON M5A1K9, CA

recos close to the sound academy

Going to see a show tonight-any recos near this venue?

Logistically i understand I will probably have to cab it there from the restaurant but can anyone think of anything within a 5 minute cab ride away?

I know Mill St. pub is somewhat close and the beer is good but the food is not great.

Any help would be appreciated.


Pre show drinks and dinner near the kool haus

hi TorontoJo-what dishes did you try at Origin?

Pre show drinks and dinner near the kool haus

corner place
9 church wine bar
trevor kitchen

any feedback on these places would be great. Hoping for a nice patio, good drinks, and great food. also open on a tuesday from 4pm onwards

thanks in advance for your insights, warnings, and recos!