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Napa in the Winter

True. Thanks for the thread link.

Napa in the Winter

I want to take a guest up to Napa tomorrow, suppose to be a nice day tomorrow. 1. is it worth it, what have you heard, what have you seen. 2. what's worth seeing or stopping at? I love Napa, so either way the drive will be nice.


Breakfast in SF

I heard Ella's is amazing. Putting this on my list.

Breakfast in SF

I'm a local, here are my favorites. I'd like to here some other suggestions. Mine range from somewhat posh to quaint.

Zazzie (you'll wait)
Out the Door (get the steak and eggs)
Zuni cafe
Brenda's soul food (introduce yourself to beignets)
Farm table

Dumplings always good too.

Zuni Cafe
1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Out the Door
1 Ferry Bldg Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94111

What kinda of Wine do I bring to Chinese New Year!?

I'm cruising up to Sonoma tomorrow morning and I want to go grab a bottle of wine or many while I'm there. What should I buy that'd be appropriate for Chinese New Year dinner. I'm not chinese, but I don't use Chopstick trainers either. I'm skilled. I've already searched for wineries here on Chow, but if you have any recommendations... let me know. I think this is worth a drive.