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Visiting for the first time... where are the best places to hit up for...

Thanks to each and every one of you. I'll definitely scour the board, but these suggestions help a lot.

Visiting for the first time... where are the best places to hit up for...

High tea
Vietnamese or Thai

...and any other favorite spots you could suggest?

I'm planning on visiting Boston next month and would love to know some great eating and drinking spots. Please send along all your recommendations. I'm a planner, so having an idea of where I like to go is always helpful.

Thanks in advance, everyone!

Quotes about food and the world

jjbourgeois, cackalackie -- Thank you both. These are definitely helpful! :)

Nov 29, 2010
funky_bunny in Food Media & News

Quotes about food and the world

Hey all,

Can anyone help me out? I'm looking for some quotes that speak to experiencing the tastes of the world on a platter -- quotations that include references to international cuisine, fabulous dishes, the art of cooking and the joy of eating. Any suggestions?

Nov 29, 2010
funky_bunny in Food Media & News

Cheap Pints around Yonge & Wellesley

Hey all -- I'm looking for suggestions of where to get cheap after work drinks around Yonge and Wellesley? Any suggestions?

Quiet Coffee Shop -- College & Bathurst / College & Spadina area?

Hi All,

I am on the hunt for a quiet coffee shop where I can conduct a 30 minute interview with someone. I know coffee shops aren't ideal to begin with, but I just need somewhere that isn't ridiculously noisy (like a Starbucks), where I can conceivably tape record without too many coffee grinders going off in the background.

Can anyone recommend somewhere relatively serene on College between Spadina and Bathurst, or even east of Bathurst, but no farther than Ossington. My usual haunts, like Manic, are certainly out of the question.

Catered Breakfast for 50 Students on the Cheap...

A tall order, I know.

Does anyone have suggestions as to great caterers who might be able to do a breakfast for approximately 50 graduate students for under $250?

We are on an extremely tight budget (and even the $250 is a bit on the high side as we're paying for the venue ourselves also), but any suggestions would be appreciated. We considered doing the whole Costco blitz, but something nicer, warmer and fresher than bulk muffins and substandard croissants would be ideal.