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Crack Pie Recipe

I just ordered online last night after reading/researching

* all the rave reviews from Anderson Cooper (he's addicted and so is his mom)
* Martha Stewart (although she wrongly called it Chess Pie at the end of her segment)
* watching Christina Tosi and David Chang MAKE the Crack Pies (looks easy but I know I'd never try it)
* obsessing over their Momofuku Milk Bar online site

then FINALLY committing to BUYING the dang pies!

SO... they don't give a lot of shipping info. But, EACH $44 pie costs about $45 to ship to California (yea, I had sticker shock at first and then decided to COMMIT to this since I REALLY want to try it). They FedEx overnight to maintain freshness. So they are making it and shipping my goodies Monday 2/15, and they're scheduled to arrive Tuesday 2/16 - for the bargain price of $273 (2 Crack Pies and 4 types of cookies (6 each): Compost, Blueberry Chocolate, Chocolate-Chocolate, and Cornflake-Choc Chip-Marshmallow).

Hopefully they arrive that day cuz I'm gonna have a Crack Pie party and do my own Taste Tests.

Feb 12, 2010
felitashen in Home Cooking