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Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Austin

Hands down the chocolate chip cookies from It's a Grind are the best cookies I've had in Austin. The chocolate to cookie ratio is close to 1:1 and they are always warm and melty. They are better than homemade!

Aug 17, 2012
sgarland in Austin

Trio's tasting menu

Trio has an apparently underutilized $35 three course prix fixe early dinner menu that is fabulous! We went tonight and the manager said that they may discontinue it soon since it hasn't really drummed up a following. My salad, chicken, and molten chocolate cake was spot on and my partner had mussels and short ribs that he raved about. We were also able to get happy hour prices on the wines. Go while you still can...

Jul 26, 2011
sgarland in Austin

Trio's tasting menu

Trio has an apparently underutilized $35 three course prix fixe early dinner menu that is fabulous! We went tonight and the manager said that they may discontinue it soon since it hasn't really drummed up a following. My salad, chicken, and molten chocolate cake was spot on and my partner had mussels and short ribs that he raved about. We were also able to get happy hour prices on the wines. Go while you still can...

Jul 26, 2011
sgarland in Austin

New Latin American Bistro in my north central hood - Al Sur

I fell in love with their cuban sandwich and wanted to return the next day to get it again. We also had an interesting potato/hominy dish with an amazing sauce. The salsa is also stellar. Come on Crestview neighbors, let's not lose this gem like we lost Fuego's!

Jul 10, 2011
sgarland in Austin

What is the best dip you ever had and the recipe?

This is my go to dip. It's good with pita chips, red bell pepper strips, carrots, and other veggies. I don't really have a recipe but it's so easy and you can make it to taste...

Rosemary Feta Dip

Combine in a food processor..

fresh chopped rosemary
cow's milk feta (seems milder but regular feta works also)
enough milk to thin
salt and pepper to taste

Jul 04, 2011
sgarland in Home Cooking

Anyone know of a place to teach kids cooking/nutrition classes?

AISD offers Prime Time classes at some schools. Often teachers and staff teach them but sometimes they bring in outside teachers (ex. dance, nature, cultural classes). That may be a good way to get started. Check with AISD for more info. Good luck!

Oct 23, 2010
sgarland in Austin

Lunch recommendations near the zoo?

We are passing through Houston tomorrow and stopping by the zoo. Any casual lunch recommendations (possibly ethnic)?

Feb 12, 2010
sgarland in Houston

Zi Pizza

Well the owners are super nice (carried out my pizza to the car for me since I had my baby with me and it had started raining while we were waiting) and it's very affordable but the pizza was not very good. We ordered a veggie and one with chorizo, pastor, and other stuff. Both had a very off taste that we couldn't place. The crust was decent but the sauce was weird- not pizza like at all. I really wanted to like the place since its walkable from my house but as nice as the owners are we won't be going back.

Sep 17, 2009
sgarland in Austin

Texas Monthly's top 50 burgers

Counter Cafe's was listed as the #2 burger in Texas. Any thoughts?

Jul 24, 2009
sgarland in Austin

Austin food adventures

If you are lucky enough to be in town on Saturday make the trip to Lexington to Snow's. Best in Texas hands down but get there before noon- they sell out quickly...

Jun 22, 2009
sgarland in Austin

Chuy Bakery/Panaderia off Ohlen and 183

I discovered a new panaderia tucked into the corner shopping center off Ohlen and 183 this morning. They just opened and are wonderful! I loaded up on empanadas, a chocolate pastry type thing, and a loaf of fresh baked bread an didn't spend more than $4.00. They also sell coffee, breakfast tacos, tortas, and wonderful looking slices of cake. I feel like I am back in San Antonio! The address is 8716 Research Blvd.

May 16, 2009
sgarland in Austin

Texas Hill Country Food and Wine Sunday Fair???

I won tickets to the Sunday Fair but have a baby. Is this a kid friendly event? The tickets say 21 and up but some online postings from past Sunday Fairs mentioned that 12 and under were admitted free? I'm running across contradictory information in my online searches and hate to get a sitter if it is a family event. Has anyone gone in the past? What's the vibe?

Apr 09, 2009
sgarland in Austin

Road trip- Austin to Houston (stop in Brenham?)

Does anyone have any recommendations for lunch spots along the way from Austin to Houston? It seems like Brenham is about half way and we would like to stop for lunch there.

Mar 20, 2009
sgarland in Austin

take out for thanksgiving?

I am pregnant and due the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That being said 7 members of my family (one is Vegan) are coming up to Austin for the holiday and waiting around until the baby makes his debut. I don't think I'm up for cooking. Does anyone recommend a restaurant (moderately priced) in addition to your take out suggestions?

Nov 11, 2008
sgarland in Austin

Roasted Acorn Squash with Wild Rice Stuffing

This recipe was VERY bland and I doubled the amount of thyme. Most of it went uneaten.

Oct 05, 2008
sgarland in Recipes

ACL food options

As if I didn't have enough trouble deciding on who to see, the food options seem beyond the regular festival fare. Has anyone tried the Hot and Crunchy Avocado Cone from Hudson's on the Bend , Aquarelle's Black Pepper Fries or Vespiao's Hoagie? Hopefully the food will be as good as the music but I would love recommendations.

Sep 23, 2008
sgarland in Austin

Restaurant week review

I am trying to narrow down the choices for KGSR's Restaurant Week. Has anyone tried any of the offered menus? What were your impressions?

Aug 12, 2008
sgarland in Austin

The Frisco

There seems to be alot of attention given to the reopening of the Frisco at it's new location. History aside, how is the food?

Aug 07, 2008
sgarland in Austin


I'm not a big meat eater but their sides are wonderful and have never disappointed- green chili cheese grits, corn with poblano butter, mac and cheese- yum! Also the achiote seared chickpeas and goat cheese appetizer is fabulous. Texas Monthly snagged the recipe

The Sanchez drink with jalapeno infused Tito's vodka keeps me coming back. Give it a try preferably when The Kat's Meow is playing upstairs.

Jul 31, 2008
sgarland in Austin

Snow's BBQ... Texas Monthly was right.

Excellent, excellent post. I'm on my yuppy way next weekend minus the vintage shirt, coffee, and Vampire Weekend sound track but yes the camera comes!

Jul 13, 2008
sgarland in Austin

Coconut Cake [split from Austin]

(Note: this was split from the Austin board at: -- The Chowhound Team).

Forget buying one- bake one! My family makes this for every special occasion. Just make sure you use cake flour and toast the coconut and pecans before adding them. Add additional toasted pecans and toasted coconut as decoration on top of the icing. Totally worth it!

Jun 18, 2008
sgarland in Home Cooking

Skinny on Indian mangoes?

I agree with rudeboy: this is incredibly useful. Thanks for the info, ridgeback.

FWIW, they were 5 bucks per mango last year at Central Market.

Jun 09, 2008
sgarland in Austin

Skinny on Indian mangoes?

Anyone have the scoop on where I can get Indian mangoes this season? Haven't seen them at Central Market this year, Whole Foods doesn't carry irradiated produce, and my local Indian grocer--MGM on Burnett--says they were just too expensive to stock this year.

Jun 08, 2008
sgarland in Austin

BBQ road trip to Taylor + pie?

After reading the Texas Monthly write up on BBQ we've decided to go to Taylor today to try out both The Taylor Cafe and Louie Mueller. In addition to BBQ, I would really like some great pie (preferably pecan). Does anyone know of a place in Taylor we can't miss?

May 26, 2008
sgarland in Austin

Argentine Chorizo and Provoleta

After a trip to Argentina where we had it at least twice a day, we have tried unsuccessfully many times to recreate provoleta. We have tried tons of different types of aged provolone from CM and Fiesta but always end up with a grill full of melted cheese. There must be some secret trick to making it that we haven't discovered. If anyone knows, please share...

Mar 21, 2008
sgarland in Austin

Garlicky Kale and Spinach Dip

I was disappointed. By the description, I expected something a bit more like pesto. This has an overwhelming Kale taste. The recipe was salvaged by adding another clove of garlic, spreading the dip on toasted pita wedges and sprinkling with Parmesan. I would not make this again.

Jan 27, 2008
sgarland in Recipes


This is a sissy-fied, Yankee recipe. True Tex-Mex guac consists of avocados, a liberal handful of Pico de Gallo (tomatoes, cilantro, onions - not scallions-, and jalapeƱos). Add a generous helping of garlic (minced) to suit your taste, salt and pepper, and add a squeeze of lime.

Please do not commit "Guac- a- Murder" and add sour cream or mayo- this is for cheapskates (or misguided souls who faithfully recreate recipes from their grandmother's 50's era rotation) who want to cut corners and dilute the goodness of the avocados.

Jan 26, 2008
sgarland in Recipes

Flying Saucer to Land in Austin!

The Flying Saucer is open.
We just got back. Like the San Antonio location, they have a wide selection of beers, frat boy atmosphere, and waitresses in "Hooter's length" skirts. In all not my style, although tonight all food is free. Draught House your still my favorite neighborhood bar!

Jan 10, 2008
sgarland in Austin

Avoid Iron Cactus Brunch!!

Hey, go easy on Luby's! Any native Texan worth his/her salt knows that Luby's is an institution (it's the source of LuAnn Platter's name on King of The Hill for goodness sakes). It may not be the best but I have fond memories of eating there on "shopping day" with my mother as a child and it was the only restaurant my father-in-law could tolerate when he was fighting cancer. It may be a chain and feature gut food, but to working class Texans all over the state, it taste like home (and the mac and cheese isn't to shabby).

Dec 01, 2007
sgarland in Austin

San Antonio Tex Mex

Ugggg. Chacho's is drunk late night college food (they use Everclear in their Margarita's- effective but not good per say). A better bet would be- Los Barrios for authentic Mexican food, Rosario's for salsa and enchiladas verde (ad salsa dancing!), Alamo Cafe for homemade tortillas and fajitas, and the place off Hildebrandt and 35 (turn towards downtown SA from the highway) with burglar bars and a picture of a dude with a mustache painted on the wall for awesome, big as your arm, eat with a fork tacos. I think the place is called Juan's but I left SA in 2004 so I'm not sure. Taco's Tacos is good for breakfast tacos as is any place recommended by Texas Monthly Taco expedition...

Happy eating!

Nov 07, 2007
sgarland in Texas