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Terrific Danish in Red Bank

You're welcome! No, I haven't tried their coffee as I tend to have green tea instead. I'm happy that this cafe gives me a closer option for a sweet treat if I'm not up for the trek to Flaky Tart, which is my favorite bakery in Monmouth County.

Sep 13, 2012
tomwocat in New Jersey

Terrific Danish in Red Bank

There Is a stand at the Red Bank Farmer's market that sells danish and licorice. The young man manning the stand shared a compelling story about the couple who owns the cafe in the Galleria where they make the danish and offer a lunch menu with a European flair. I've tried three varieties of danish so far: the raspberry, cheese, and pecan, and they were all wonderful. I plan on going back to try their lunch. The owners are friendly and the space is charming and right across the street from the Two River Theater. They've worked really hard to get here, all the way from Denmark!

Here is a column with their story:

Here is the menu:

I think they're a terrific addition to Red Bank's vibrant and diverse dining community!

Sep 12, 2012
tomwocat in New Jersey

Monmouth County birthday dinner suggestions please.

Re: Shanghai Bun

I've been to Shanghai Bun only once so I admit to being a neophyte. Can you make some recommendations for a newbie? I enjoy vegetarian fare, but am not averse to meat selections on occasion. Thanks for your consideration!

Dec 07, 2011
tomwocat in New Jersey

Is it me, or is Fairway in Paramus taking a turn for the worse?

We moved to central NJ (Monmouth Cty.) from NYC 20+ years ago. Fairway was our go-to market in the city and boy did we miss it when we moved to NJ. Now shopping at Wegman's and Whole Foods is an option, and finally Trader Joe's came to the area as well, but there is nothing like Fairway. When we venture to the Paramus area, we always stop by and stock up on items no purveyors carry in our area.

As for the prices, well, I see food prices skyrocketing across the board, no matter where I shop. Unfortunately, with the way things are going, I'd venture to guess the economic pressures on all food purveyors are only going to increase, and so they'll pass along the increases to their customers, either directly by price increases, or indirectly, with employee and service cutbacks.

Even with that, I'd still prefer Fairway over anyplace else. Enjoy your shopping at Fairway, many of us wish we had one nearby!

Jul 27, 2011
tomwocat in New Jersey

Trader Joe's to open in Monmouth Co

Great! Now all we need is a Fairway! Please, Steve Jenkins, tell Howard Glickberg, Harold Seybert, and David Sneddon that Fairway would fly in Monmouth County. There's a perfect space on Rt. 79 in Marlboro, close to Rt. 18, that would be perfect for Fairway.

Oct 06, 2010
tomwocat in New Jersey

Good Karma Cafe, Red Bank

My husband and I enjoyed dinner at Good Karma Cafe earlier this evening. We enjoyed our drinks (spirulina for him, immunity for me), our entrees (we both had Pad Thai), and dessert (raw bliss and the key lime pie). A lovely, fresh, delicious meal. Two very minor complaints: no caffeine-free herb tea available (I forgot to bring my own) and I'd rethink live Radiohead over the speakers during dinner. Servers are friendly and seem to enjoy being there. Definitely a good vibes place we'll return to again and again.

Oct 02, 2010
tomwocat in New Jersey

Best Yogurt on Earth?

Does anyone know if Vermont Water Buffalo yogurt is still available? I've tried so many different yogurts, but none could match the Water Buffalo cappuccino flavor; it was stellar. I understand that the company that produced it moved from Vermont to Quebec, Canada, beyond that, I don't know. If anyone knows where I may find some, or if you know of a reasonable facsimile, please chime in, and thanks!

Jun 16, 2010
tomwocat in General Topics

Olive Garden coming soon in Freehold, NJ

I've been to CP in Marlboro and Middletown and have not had enjoyed either for food or service; it's been mediocre every time. Took a chance and tried take-out from the Marlboro location and found it inedible, it was so greasy.

PF Changs? Please ... who needs attitude from a surly teenage waiter who would rather be hanging at the mall.

We've done better at Panda House in Freehold. It's in the ShopRite shopping center on Rt. 9, south of the mall. The food is fresh and the service accommodating. They offer Thai selections as well.

Jun 05, 2010
tomwocat in New Jersey

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - Merrick Farm - Farmingdale, NJ

Try googling 'Monmouth County CSA': first result is Earthen Harvest in Jackson. They sell at the Red Bank Farmer's Market and deliver shares in Monmouth and Ocean counties. It looks like you may be late for sign-up, as the registration for this year's CSA ended on April 30, but you could try emailing them.

May 08, 2010
tomwocat in New Jersey

New Japanese Restaurant in Ocean Twp - Ginza

Just curious, what are the 'excellent Japanese spots within a couple miles'?

Apr 08, 2010
tomwocat in New Jersey

Funeral luncheon near Fairview in Bergen County?

At least 20 or 30, depending on who decides to make the trip. At lot depends on the weather as most are coming from a distance.

Are you familiar with River Palm Terrace or Le Jardin? I thought perhaps one of those may work.

The restaurant would not need to be BYOB ...

Thanks so much for your input and feedback!

Feb 13, 2010
tomwocat in New Jersey

Funeral luncheon near Fairview in Bergen County?

Family and friends gathering after a funeral in Fairview, Bergen County. Any recommendations for a restaurant suitable for foodies? Focus would be American or Italian.

Feb 11, 2010
tomwocat in New Jersey