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Korean BBQ, Pittsburgh?

Try Korea Garden in Oakland. They have a menu that is divided into Korean, Chinese and Japanese. The food is MUCH better than Sushi Kim, where I have had terrible food and service. Check the yelp.com website for a couple of reviews.

Nov 19, 2008
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

'Burgh bakery recs for Anniversary celebration

Looking for feedback on great bakeries or caterers that provide a variety of choices for specialty desserts. My parents are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in December and my siblings and I are planning a small party. I would love to find something other than run of the mill cake to serve for dessert.

Nov 07, 2008
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Thanksgiving relish tray?

Add cocktail onions to the crudites, pickles and olives (black and green). My father's family (Northern California by way of Nebraska) instilled the tradition, which carries over into our Pennsylvania Thanksgivings. I had no idea this was such a common tradition.

Nov 05, 2008
ecs3722 in General Topics

Recs in Moon Twshp area

If you're headed to Sewickley (which I agree is an easy, quick choice) I would recommend the Sweetwater Grille for food, even though the Sharp Edge has a better drink selection. I've had several great meals there, which surprised me because the restaurants in Sewickley are notoriously mediocre (I live there). The two restaurants are about a 45 second walk from each other, if you want to have drinks at one place and food at the other. Azul is also a fun choice on the outskirts of Sewickley. The staff is friendly and their salsa is amazing.


Oct 23, 2008
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Suggestions for dining gift certificate

Friends of mine recently became engaged and I would like to give them a gift certificate to a nice, fun restaurant to celebrate. I live in Pittsburgh, and have only visited Chicago once, so my knowledge of the area is limited. My friends are in their late 20's and have an adventurous spirit. Any recommendations would be welcomed.

Oct 08, 2008
ecs3722 in Chicago Area

30th birthday party in Pittsburgh?

How about Mallorca on the South Side? The space is great, and the location couldn't be better for heading out for post-dinner drinks. I agree with the Tusca recommendation as well, but don't know if their space can accommodate private parties. Now that I think of it, Nakama (also on the South Side) has a space for private parties and is fun if you're in the mood for the Japanese steakhouse experience.

Sep 11, 2008
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Pitt hound in need of help

I am looking for some suggestions for DC dining options that would satisfy my adventurous spirit and appeal to my less adventurous (picky) other half. We are planning a long weekend in August and will stay at the Hotel Monaco downtown. I'm pretty familiar with the city and we'll be doing the usual musuems/Georgetown/sightseeing routine. I'll eat anything, he likes more traditional fare. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

NYC Chowhound looking for Pittsburgh eats near the int'l airport

Harold's Windmill in Hopewell, Yayadave? As a lifelong resident of the North/West suburbs, I can honestly say that the only reason I would ever steer someone there would be for the mini-golf! To each his own...

Moon has very few options for a great meal, but the Hyeholde would be one option if price were not an issue. Azul (Mexican) in Sewickley is fun, inexpensive and about a 10 minute drive from the Crowne Plaza. In fact, Sewickley is worth a trip just to poke around in some of the shops if you have time to kill. There are several restaurants on the main drag although none of them are cutting-edge in terms of innovation. There's a great French bakery that serves lunch and to-go food in addition to crepes and the usual offerings of croissants, pastries, etc.

It's really unfortunate that there aren't more options near the airport. The good thing is that your hotel is right off of Rt. 60, which can get you into the city of Pittsburgh in 15 minutes without having to navigate through neighborhoods or take any exits.

Jun 23, 2008
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh - Saturday 6PM around 8 girls

Ibiza on the SouthSide has a great patio where you could ask to be seated. The ambience is great and they have a variety of offerings on the menu. The tapas menu is varied, so I think that the non-foodie in the group would be able to find plenty of options for a meal. They offer several affordable wine flights; I really enjoyed the South American reds the last time I was there. Check out their website: www.ibizatapasrestaurant.com

Jun 11, 2008
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Thai food in South Hills (Pittsburgh)?

All apologies for the delay in thanking you for the input on the Mt. Lebo dining scene. I've been wanting to try Pho Kim 88 for about a year but still haven't gotten out there; I'm planning on making a trip this week when I have some time to spare at lunch. My coworker and I went to Il Pizzaolo for lunch this week and I was impressed by the speed of the service, but wasn't overwhelmed by the pizza itself. I'd like to try some of the pasta offerings on my next trip. BTW, my office is located in the same building as The Grill, and I am wary of trying the food because of several comments made about the sanitary conditions in the restaurant. Have you eaten there?

Mar 02, 2008
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Wedding caterer in Pittsburgh?

have you considered michael lench? he catered an event for me and the food was fantastic. his staff was easy to reach and the menu offerings were extensive. our guests raved about the food for months afterward.

Feb 20, 2008
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Thai food in South Hills (Pittsburgh)?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a Thai restaurant in the South Hills? I recently started working in Mt. Lebanon and am unfamiliar with that part of the 'Burgh. Our office has pretty much exhausted the usual repetoire of Tokyo, Aladdin's and Mineo's for lunch takeout, so I'm scoping out new options.

Feb 20, 2008
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Mexican in Pittsburgh?

not sure of their liquor license status, but mexico city (downtown) is pretty good. i agree with the other posts relating to mad mex; i am consistently unimpressed by the quality of their food. there's a place in leetsdale (right past sewickley) called azul that does some basic mexican food. they make a mean margarita and it has a great atmosphere. i eat there several times a month and am seldom disappointed.

Feb 20, 2008
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, fine dining, jeans?

Casual attire is acceptable at all of the restaurants you mentioned, especially on a night where restaurants will be expecting the pre/post concert crowds.

Nov 06, 2007
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Capital Grille Pittsburgh

Any feedback on the Capital Grille that recently opened in Pittsburgh? We are loyal Morton's patrons but are always up for trying a new steakhouse in town.

Sep 25, 2007
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania

Can I survive a move from Manhattan to Pittsburgh?

pittsburgh is making an admirable attempt at adding new dining options all over the area. as a lifetime pittsburgher and avid traveler, it's easy to be discouraged by food-related comparisons to larger cities. all of the postings noting the near impossibility of eating out every night in pittsburgh are spot-on; the dining scene is a long way from operating on that scale. sometimes i think that pittsburgh has a hard time with dining spots because it lacks an influx of people who are willing to try new places. some of the hole in the wall, diner-style places have the most loyal clientele. the geography of the area makes a difference, too. people don't like to drive too far to eat, and it's difficult to find late-night spots downtown.

however, there are several places worth trying, namely a new addition downtown called palate bistro. the food was fresh and a welcome change from many of the run of the mill dining options downtown. i would rate it comparably with eleven (mentioned several times in earlier posts) in terms of the quality of the meal, but must admit to being disappointed with service at both places. ibiza (next to mallorca), located on the south side, has a wonderful assortment of spanish and south american wine offerings and a serviceable tapas menu. i realize that every restauarnt these days seems to offer tapas, but the food i've eaten there has been good, and most of the menu items are authentically spanish. try dining outside on the patio. i went to seviche on penn avenue for the first time a few weeks ago. great drinks,semi-kitschy caribbean feel, delicious empanadas and plaintain chips, terrible wait staff. but i'm hoping it catches up because downtown needs an infusion of something new and different.

my advice to anyone moving to the 'burgh is to try and find out as much as you can about your prospective neighborhood. read the dining reviews in the city paper and look for the magazine "plate" that comes out quarterly. i always ask people where they like to eat and give the suggestions a try.

Jul 27, 2007
ecs3722 in Pennsylvania