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Restaurants with whole grain options?

The more I try to eat more whole grains (brown rice, whole grain bread & pasta, quinoa, millet, etc.) the more I realize how difficult it is to find whole grain items in restaurants. Even getting brown rice in most Asian restaurants seems to not be an option.

Any suggestions of local places that offer whole grain options?

Jun 08, 2009
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Veggie/meat yin yang in N. VA?

Raaga on Rte. 7 in Bailey's has a large vegetarian section - bigger than most S. Indian places, with dishes like Tandoori Tofu - and all the usual standards as well.

Another place for cheap casual eats along the lines of Busboys and Luna is Hard Times, in Clarendon and Old Town...they have veggie chili and veggie burgers, and therefore almost the whole menu is veg-friendly.

Mar 11, 2009
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

New Vietnamese by former owners of Cafe Dalat?

I overheard a conversation yesterday in which it sounded like someone was talking about the family who formerly ran Cafe Dalat in Clarendon opening a new place somewhere in NoVa. I could have easily misheard, but I thought I'd ask here and see if there's anything to this. I miss that place...

Feb 27, 2009
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

old town Alexandria

Vermilion on King St. for casually upscale. Interesting drinks and apps especially.

Jan 26, 2009
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Help: Morel mushrooms

It seems to be morel season, as they have popped up on a few menus here in Alexandria. I have seen them at Rustico (in the Morel and Leek tart, which had about 2 little morels atop some heavy cream in a pie crust for $15... ) and at the new Italian place in Del Ray, La Strada, which unfortunately has them in a veal dish, which I don't eat.

So: does anyone know where I could buy morels (no luck at Whole Foods or MOMs) or of other restaurants featuring them?

Jul 13, 2008
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Zorkafor's Sandveg

Looks like Zorkafor's Sandveg is open on King St. in Old Town. I peeked in and the had 4 or 5 tables and a counter, but I imagine most of their business will be carry-out. It's a twist on the Amsterdam Falafel concept, with a toppings bar but offering chicken, beef and hot dogs as well as falafel. If anyone is looking for an adventerous lunch in Old Town today, give us the scoop...

Apr 21, 2008
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

How about best veggie burgers/dogs in DC?

I actually really like the veggie burgers at the Rock Bottom Brewing Company (Ballston Mall and possibly other locations). They let you sub in the patty for any normal burger, and the Bourbon burger is especially good.

Mar 25, 2008
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Poets and Busboys in Shirlington

I'm a big fan of Busboys & Poets mainly because it's just about the only place around to have a good variety of vegetarian food that isn't uni-ethnic. That said, things are hit-and-miss. And the Shirlington branch doesn't suffer from the scenester-nonprofit nightclub vibe of the one downtown.

I'd recommend the brushetta app (very simple, but tasty bread and a big portion), any of the paninis, and the bread pudding dessert as the best bets. The tofu entree is also surprisingly well-done. Avoid the pizza, ravioli, and lasagna, which are mediocre.

Jan 22, 2008
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Vegetarian Lunch In Fells Pt, B'more

Liquid Earth on Aliceanna St. is a great vegetarian cafe. I haven't been in a year or so, but last time I was there their veggie reuben was overstuffed and awesome.

Jan 04, 2008
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Vegetarian in Dupont

Some options:

Levante's on 19th for middle eastern (I always enjoy my meals here, although I know not all chowhounders agree). Their flatbread is ver tasty and they have a large number of veg options.

Heritage India on Connecticut for modern Indian with plenty of veg options

There are also plenty of Thai restaurants that are very veg-friendly...I enjoy Thai Chef on Connecticut just north of the circle, as they have both thai and sushi and a nice atmosphere.

Dec 25, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Bread Bakery in Alexandria or Arlington?

I'm a fan of Great Harvest Bread Co. in the Fairlington section of Alexandria. Excellent Challah on Fridays.


Great Harvest Bread
1711 Centre Plz, Alexandria, VA

Nov 19, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Los Amigos, Del Ray mainstay, closed

Hadn't seen anything on this...I drove by the other day and saw signs up thanking their customers for the years of patronage. I guess this place has been around 30 years or so, and almost certainly was driven out by the hugely popular (and superior) Los Tios down the road.

I only ate here once and it wasn't memorable. It's still a bit sad to see a neighborhood mainstay go...

Nov 13, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Fantastic vegetarian options in Old Town or DC?

Vermilion in Old Town has a new chef who appears committed to including a strong vegetarian option on the menu. I've only had one but it was excellent. A good choice if you're looking for slightly more upscale and American.

In DC, Komi will happily adapt its amazing tasting menu for vegetarians. This is the culinary treat of the city and if you're willing to drop some $$ you should try it.

Willow in Ballston is another upscale American place with a strong veggie options on the menu.

For ethnic, I like all-veg Indian food at Nirvana downtown.

Sep 18, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Macrobiotic cafes in DC?

The Vegetable Garden is a vegetarian Chinese restaurant on Rockville Pike that has some macrobiotic options.

Aug 11, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Need location for baby shower - Vege friendly

In terms of veg-friendly places with private rooms, Jaleo (Spanish tapas) in Crystal City is very veg-friendly and has a private room that I would guess would seat around 40-50 people. It's right near the Crystal City Metro.

As for Indian, Nirvana downtown is veg Indian and doesn't have a private room, but it's not huge so I guess you could look into renting the place.

You might also consider Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park for Middle Eastern, it's right off the metro but I'm not sure about private rooms.

Jul 26, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Best Falafal in NOVA

Try Jerusalem in Baily's Crossroads, Rte. 7, in a strip mall across from the Trader Joes.

Jul 20, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Bohio's Cuban Bistro anyone been there yet?

I walked by last night, and there is a sign indicating they are permanently closed.

Jul 11, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Vancouver vegetarian-friendly recs

We're staying in downtown Vancouver for a week and are looking for good veg-friendly options...any suggestions? Anything not to miss?

Jun 09, 2007
westofrome in Western Canada Archives

Majestic Cafe - A Review

As a fan of the old Majestic, I had nervous high hopes for the new rendition. Mostly, things were very good. The bread basket, fried green tomatoes, and milkshake-and-cookies dessert were top-notch - the bread an improvement over the old basket. I do miss the spoonbread and hush puppies, though.

As a vegetarian, my primary disappointment was that at the old Majestic, there was always a composed, unique vegetarian entree that they rotated frequently. At the new Majestic, there was only a "vegetable plate" that was a mish-mosh of the sides. I hope they can return to the old tradition.

May 09, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Amsterdam falafel... so so

I think the flimsy packaging and "utensil free environment" has more to do with saving money on the packaging and utensils and preventing customers from taking a lot of toppings more than any environmental concerns...

May 03, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Best Indian food downtown DC?

I'm a fan of Nirvana at 18th & K - it's all-vegetarian and they have an extensive lunch buffet.

Apr 30, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Veggie Options in Northern VA?

Try Saravana Palace - all-vegetarian Indian with a massive menu; everything I've tried has been good to delicious. In Fairfax; http://www.saravanapalaceva.com/.

In terms of Northern Arlington, try the shopping center on Lee Highway with the Harris Teeter on the end. There you'll find:

1) A Chinese restaurant with an extensive mock-meat and veggie-friendly menu (don't recall the name);
2) Pie-tanza, with plenty of veg-friendly pizza, pasta, and salad options;
3) Taqueria Poblano, with delicious veg tacos, burritos and sides

Mar 19, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Joe's Pizza Place

I went to Raaga today and noticed the same thing, so I went to investigate. There's a sign saying they lost their lease, and thanks for 25 years.

Feb 01, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Flattop Grill in Ballston gone -- Lebanese place -- Aladdin's Eatery has opened in its place

This is a bummer. Speaking as a vegetarian, Flattop had a huge, ever-changing variety of veggies and both tofu and seitan. It's the only place I can think of that served seitan in the entire (#&@ metro area. I love setain.

Jan 31, 2007
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Challah in NOVA?

Where can I find Challah in NOVA? Preferably not at Whole Foods.

Dec 13, 2006
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Veg-friendly japanese?

Point taken, and of course those items are on offer, but I find the offerings I mentioned from other cities tastier, more filling and more in making of a meal.

I still find it hard to believe that no restaurant in the entire metro area can serve me tofu teriyaki when I've got a teriyaki craving...who'd of thought I'd need to go to more rural areas to get better veg offerings! This has got to be a first.

Oct 24, 2006
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Veg-friendly japanese?

Can anyone recommend an especially vegetarian-friendly Japanese restaurant?

In other cities, I've frequently seen Japanese restaurants offer items like tofu teryaki and sweet potato tempura sushi. Items like these seem to be completely lacking from every Japanese restaurant in the DC area. Why Richmond restaurants, for example, would be more progressive than DC in this way is beyond me.

Oct 24, 2006
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Fairfax/Vienna area: recs

Brand new vegetarian Indian restaurant on Lee Highway in Fairfax, Savarana Palace (right across from the Wegmans). Huge menu and buffet daily. We ate there Saturday, place was packed and were the only non-Indian diners! That should tell you something about the authenticity and quality. Food was delicious. Todd Kliman gave it a glowing review in the new Washingtonian.

Oct 23, 2006
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Vegan Food in the D.C. Area

Vegdc.com is the best resource for restaurant listings in the area.

Personally, I'd recommend Vegetate (www.vegetatedc.com) and Nirvana (http://www.dcnirvana.com/) for all-veg food in DC and Viridian (http://www.viridianrestaurant.com/) for a mix of veggie and omnivore, although it's not as vegan-friendly as it used to be, it's very accomodating.

Alexandria is probably a wasteland for vegans...beyond standard Asian places.

Oct 19, 2006
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore

Cheap take out in Arlington VA

El Charrito Caminante on Washington Blvd for amazing Salvadoran/Mexican

Italian Store on Lee Highway for great authentic subs and pizza

Cafe Tirolo in Ballston for Austrian/Italian

Oct 03, 2006
westofrome in Washington DC & Baltimore