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Xi'An Hand Pulled Noodle Recipe?

I was thinking of using oxtail or a lamb cut to make this dish. Anyone have an online recipe?

The noodles seem pretty simple. Fresh dough, pulled or easier, cut. I'm more curious about the sauce and everything else. Cumin? Chili oil?

Feb 26, 2013
dar482 in Home Cooking

East Village Simple Birthday Dinnner?

It'll be for a party for less than 10. Something simple, maybe $20 or less per head.

I was thinking maybe Southern style, Mama's Food Shop or The Cardinal (though I don't know how many their $80 platter serves).
Pizza? Though Motorino seems a bit small/doesn't take reservations.
A place for a good burger? American? Italian?

Any suggestions?

Sep 28, 2011
dar482 in Manhattan

2-3 Weeks in Paris, What MUST I Eat?

So I have 2-3 weeks in Paris on a budget. I'm obviously planning to live mostly off of grocery/markets, though I could use a few suggestions on where I should go for that.

However, what are the things I must have? Not really fancy sit down places, just little places like in the East Village of NYC.
Where should I get my fresh croissant? Baguette? Etc. etc.

Or just point me to some threads/links/sites.


Jan 05, 2011
dar482 in France

Where can I find McDonald's Curry Sauce?
I did find this, would a store carry this?

Oct 07, 2010
dar482 in Manhattan

Where can I find McDonald's Curry Sauce?

They have it in German McDonald's, but where would I be find something close to it? It's sweet and sticky. Sort of like a sweet/sour fast food sauce, but curry flavored.

Oct 05, 2010
dar482 in Manhattan

Great Neck Restaurant Week
Any ideas/suggestions about the restaurants on this list?

I know that I want to try Lola and Elaine's.

Banh Mi other than Manhattan

Is it only Brooklyn that has banh mi outside of Manhattan? Anywhere in Queens or Long Island?
What would you suggest that's in Brooklyn for banh mi?

Apr 13, 2010
dar482 in Outer Boroughs

Eleven Madison Park Lunch Dishes

I was maybe thinking getting 2-3 courses with the $15 supplement for the bone marrow crusted tenderloin. Seems like a better deal than the Gourmand?

Does the whole table have to get the Gourmand if you want it?

Mar 04, 2010
dar482 in Manhattan

Eleven Madison Park Lunch Dishes

I am going to Eleven Madison Park soon for lunch. I probably want to go for their three course. Any suggestions on which dishes I should try out?
How about their cocktails?

Mar 03, 2010
dar482 in Manhattan

Eleven Madison Park Coupon?

During the last Restaurant Week, my friend received a $24 coupon from Eleven Madison Park and after using it, they mailed it back to him to use again.
What's the deal with the coupon? Do they still give it out?

Feb 11, 2010
dar482 in Manhattan