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Pre-Theatre Dinner near Barbican?

Are you looking for St John's standard?

If so Gascon empire around Smithfield might fit the bill. Or the new Broadgate complex has some interesting options - Jose or Yauchua in particular.

More casual are Vinoteca 9opposite St John) great wine list, staight forward but v tasty food. Apulia is a basic but interesting sourthern Italian on Long Lane (there is also an Enoteca on Long Lane, which has a good wine list but seems more chichetti food, and a branch of Polpo on Cowcross St). Jugged Hare (corner of Beech and Silk - closest to Barbican) decent pub snacks, just a bit too pricey for what it is, esp in restaurant part.

Modern Pantry at St John's Sq is v good, but a bit further away.

Jul 17, 2015
seddon in U.K./Ireland

City Univerity, Southampton Square?

Exmouth Market has many choices, but never tried either of the Italians there. Modern Pantry and St Johns Street also close.

How much do you want to spend?

Sep 25, 2014
seddon in U.K./Ireland

Help with meals in Chelsea and around St Paul's or other tourist areas [London]

If I was to do Postman's Park and St Barts, I would probably opt for Vinoteca over Cafe du Marche for the lower price point. Although I do like both.

May 28, 2012
seddon in U.K./Ireland

Brick: where's the 'good' stuff??

Glad I made you laugh, mschow - I'm guessing you can use that right now.

Joe Leone's in Point has some good deli stuff, only use Mossutos for meat.

Try the Shipwreck in Brielle for the best food around. The bar there is a bit of a 'scene' (good for a laugh), but the drinks are good (wine list is meh) and the free food at happy hour is surprisingly good. Bottle Shop in Spring Lake has a good wine selection, and they actually know about their stock., Jon Ron liquor store in Brielle has a decent selection, but not kept well.

You can see my priority for drinking.

Feb 22, 2012
seddon in New Jersey

Brick: where's the 'good' stuff??

I like Harrigans on 71 in Sea Girt (across from the school) much more than any of the bars you've listed. Quite trad pub food, but good quality. Also, imho, the meat at the A&P on 35 (near Mossutos) is the best of any local supermarket. It is also generally not as busy as the awful Shop rite. The liquor store by the Shop rite is pretty good. I live in London and almost had a breakdown when I returned to Manasquan to look after my mom. Good luck.

Feb 21, 2012
seddon in New Jersey

Restaurant recommendations needed in city of London, EC3 area

Smithfield Market/ St John's St is your friend.

Club Gascon (not great for veggies), Hix, St John's (private room) Vinoteca (private room in basement), Portal (have seen private areas in use there), would all be good for business meals.

Nov 04, 2011
seddon in U.K./Ireland

Restaurants near the Intercontinental on Front Street West


I will be in Toronto for business on my own and looking for a good dinner near the IC. Any cuisine and price, but want to feel comfortable on my own. Probably not a sports bar, unless the food is exceptional.

many thanks

Mar 14, 2011
seddon in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Comfort Food Clerkenwell? [London]

Vinoteca take reservations at lunchtime which would be absolutely necessary.

Nov 16, 2010
seddon in U.K./Ireland

Comfort Food Clerkenwell? [London]

Modern Pantry is laid back. The Ambassador or Caravan also in exmouth market could fit the bill.

Nov 16, 2010
seddon in U.K./Ireland

LA Hound Coming to LONDON for 2 Weeks... Critique My List!

Or you could a bus up to the Kingsland Road for some great Turkish grills (and loads of other types of Turkish cusine represented) I like the original Mangal on, I think Arcola St, near Dalston Kingsland Station). Huge number of restaurants and on a warm summer night the shole streets smells of BBQ meat. Their more 'upmarket' Mangal 2 and Number 19 both have more meat choices -kidney, swaetbreads (hit and miss, but when good, v good). Lamb and quail good choices everywhere.

Jul 22, 2010
seddon in U.K./Ireland

LA Hound Coming to LONDON for 2 Weeks... Critique My List!

I agree on the apollo banana leaf. Other great dishes are cashew pakora, meat masala dosa, fish cutlet, lemon rice. Sambal is very good. Devil dishes I like but others don't. Worth the trip from central London (which is what I do) and is really really cheap.

Jul 22, 2010
seddon in U.K./Ireland

Penang - where to eat dinner near E & O and any other recommendations

Hi all,

Not arriving into the airport until 7, so would like somewhere to eat dinner near the E & O. I would like to be able to walk there - don't mind a 20 minute walk as long as it is relatively straightforward. I will have be tired and not up for negotiating with taxi drivers or getting lost in the city.

Any other recommendation appreciated, especially for nyonya food.

Can't stand the thought of missing a dinner there!



Apr 07, 2010
seddon in China & Southeast Asia

Dover sole in London-- delicious and well-priced?

Fish Central in EC1 always has it on the menu. It is market price, but usually comes in around £15. I always get it whole, but would guess they would fillet it for you. The fish is usually very well cooked, but not always.

Cheap starters and wine.

Feb 23, 2010
seddon in U.K./Ireland

London - Good & cheap Sri Lankan?

I like the Apollo. Very cheap and byo. Good meat dosa, fish cutlet and crab curry. A friend really likes the stringhoppers (not my thing). Friends who live in Tooting think it's the best south Indian/ Sri Lankan in Tooting.

Feb 11, 2010
seddon in U.K./Ireland