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Worst in Toronto

I'll second Spring Rolls... an awful example of anything asian, let alone "fusion". Why this place is packed everyday eludes me.

Burgers in Toronto

Yeah, I'll second the W Burger Bar. The burgers are quite good. Onions rings are a delicious heart stopper, and cheap jugs of Sleeman's everyday.

Easy Fish Tacos

This recipe is now a staple in my weeknight repertoire. Even a great dish to serve guests as it's a quick, and healthy meal. I've used tilapia each time (locally available) and even my wife (a non-fish lover) thinks it's fantastic.

Apr 11, 2011
mjcrowe in Recipes

Visitng Downtown Toronto - Recommendations

The mexican chipotle grill does a mean burrito. It's just north of Dundas on Yonge. (on the east side right besides futureshop).
I'd agree that W does a great burger.
And if you guys are looking for an all day breakie, you can always hit Fran's. There's one on College/Yonge, and another on victoria st (just off Yonge).

Eating on Lygon St

I agree that DOC has amazing pizza.....
But please, for the love of god, if you are headed to Lygon St for italian TIAMO is your best bet. Hands down. (penne ragu, or spaghetti don giovanni) I've probably ate at every restaurant on that street, and this place is where you go. This place is where Italian's go (and the pizza DOC). Great food, great ambience, and a fierce loyalty of customers. For the true Lygon St experience, follow up dinner with a coffee and dessert at the nearby Brunetti's. Enjoy!

Apr 07, 2010
mjcrowe in Australia/New Zealand

Cheap Eats in Sydney and other places in Australia

Can't speak much for Sydney, but while in Melbourne I've got a few prize suggestions. I lived downtown for a couple years, and most of my haunts were by foot. So I'll pick places in the CBD.
To add to the "Pho" comment, I'd say Vina Bar is the best, on Lygon St, although Richmond I'm sure would be a good bet as it has a huge vietnamese population.
Great cheap asian/japanese easts found at Don Don's, corner of little Lonsdale and Swanston.
If you like greek, go for a lamb souvlaki at Stalactites. If you're feeling brave, go for the double meat order. Bring a bib.
A MUST try are barbeque pork buns at this little chinese joint on Russell. Not sure what it's called, but it's in between Lonsdale and Little Bourke. There's a few roasting ducks hanging in the window and all the giant bamboo steaming pots in the window.
Grilled - a burger franchise also make pretty killer burgers. There's a bunch now in the city, but one for sure at the QV. Not AS cheap, but still cheap for Melbourne, around 10 bucks. I've gotta say, Melbourne's food although great, comes at a price at most places, my first 17 dollar burger was at the James Squire....... yes, it was amazing. But 17 dollar's for a burger?.....ouch.
As for a signature Aussi meal?.... not sure where you're from, but a standard is Chicken Parma served on a bed of chips (thick cut fries). Not exactly "aussie" I suppose, but they all love it.

Apr 07, 2010
mjcrowe in Australia/New Zealand

No Mexican in Melbourne

Okay, this is a really old link.... my since newly "discovering", I'm making up for lost time.
Agreed, Melbourne lacks in Mexican. Don't bother with the franchise Taco Bill, it's greasy and gross. After long dilberation, and many nights out I'd have to say hands down your best bet is at Fiesta, South Yarra. It's on Toorak Road. This place is the best if you're looking for a hearty meal.

Alternatively, If you are looking for a lunch... the BEST burrito (and it's vegetarian) I've ever tried is from Trippy Taco, on Smith St in East Melbourne (or maybe its Collingwood border?). Either way, simple, fresh, solid menu.

Apr 07, 2010
mjcrowe in Australia/New Zealand

Coffee bean Q's....

All advice much appreciated. I think I'll check out all of the above. Hey if anyone reads this I've got another Q. If I'm to use purified water for my coffee maker and do not have say a "brita"..... can you use distilled water?

Coffee bean Q's....

I need to advice from fellow coffee lovers. I was wondering if you can buy decent coffee beans in Hamilton? I'm just getting into grinding and brewing my own at home. Any recommendations on what kind of bean to buy? My prefered choice would be for espresso and/or lattes. If need be, I work in TO, so could just as easily buy them there. I've been reading alot of positive feedback on "black cat", and intellgentsia..... Are these safe bets? and where could I pick them up?