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Best boneless (butterflied?) leg of lamb

Do you happen to have a recipe? You have tempted me!

Abalone Sauce Recipes

Hi fellow foodies!

I am in need of some ideas of how to use Abalone sauce. A 'google' search for recipes using, has been fruitless. Any ideas?

Jun 11, 2009
chefmomma in Home Cooking

Frugal Caterer?

I used to work for a caterer and many of our hot h'ds came in from Thyme and Truffles. (At that time they only did wholesale, but now they have retail as well) They are really decent. you can always hire a chef from a staffing agency and they can heat them for you. This will be your cheapest option. I have ordered from Vanipha also, and it is really good as well.

NORTH YORK CITY CENTRE- where to dine before Jersey Boys

Cravings on Yonge street is good, if they like Asian fusion food. That is where I went with my mom when we saw the play. It is great BTW.

7 West Banana Chocolate chip cake

Wondering if anyone knows where 7 West's Banana Chocolate chip cake comes from? My best friend loves it and has been searching the city to find it. The servers will not reveal where it comes from. Thanks.