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One late night in Hong Kong!

Thanks for a wonderfully detailed response! I think I am going to book a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui since that seems to be the best location for a first time visit.

We want to eat anywhere that will blow our minds. Price is not an issue but neither is elegance. We don't want to eat at an undeserving starred restaurant just because they have fancy napkins, but we are willing to pay the price for our 1 great meal. We are also not above a hole in the wall restaurant that is amazing.

We were prefer to taste the local cuisine, and somewhere with a great view/ambiance would be best.

Thanks for your help!

Dec 08, 2011
fex in China & Southeast Asia

Birthday Dinner in UBUD Bali

Where should my boyfriend and I go to celebrate my 25th Birthday in Ubud? We want to have a special, beautiful, delicious meal so something pricey would be okay if it were worth it. I've looked into Mozaic, but most people say it's not worth the price...

Thoughts?? Ideas??

Would very much appreciate it!

Nov 23, 2011
fex in China & Southeast Asia

One late night in Hong Kong!

My boyfriend and I have a 12 hour layover in Hong Kong in January. We get into HK a little before 9pm and leave at 9am. We are going to stay overnight in a hotel and try and see as much of the city that we can. Any advice on where to eat for our one late night in Hong Kong? Should we stay in a hotel close to a certain area that has great street food, a great restaurant, or just near the airport?

Any advice on what ONE restaurant, or one area with good late night (after 10 or 11pm) food would be helpful.


Nov 23, 2011
fex in China & Southeast Asia

Lobster Dinner in February!

Di Millo's was perfect for dinner and J's Oyster Bar was also perfect for lunch.

Thank you

Feb 18, 2010
fex in Northern New England

Late Night Restaurant/Bar not far off Rt 95N or 91N in Connecticut

Driving from NYC to Portland Maine Valentine's Day Evening, and would love to stay somewhere along the way for the night in CT. If there's a great late-night spot that serves food, even small plates, but especially if there's a raw oyster bar- please let me know!

I'll be driving through Greenwich, Norfolk, Fairfield, Bridgeport, Hartford, etc.

Thank you!

(Any cheap motel ideas along the way would be nice too)

Feb 13, 2010
fex in Southern New England

Lobster Dinner in February!

I'm traveling to Portland for Valentines Day (Monday and Tuesday night) and although I know tis not the season for Lobster, I STILL WANT IT!

I've never had Maine Lobster in Maine and I want to enjoy it while I'm there.

I prefer steamed/boiled bigger (1 1/2-2lb) lobsters with drawn butter and I don't care if it's fancy or cheesy or cheap or expensive or kitschy- as long as it's absolutely delicious.

What places are opened year-round and still serves lobster? (that is enjoyed by the locals..)

Feb 10, 2010
fex in Northern New England