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Where to find charcuterie supplies

I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find instacure/sodium nitrite in the Portland area. I'd like to pick it up instead of ordering online. Thanks!

Slaughtering your own chicken ... how to de-feather?

Glad you had a successful endeavor!

We do this every year with my MIL. It's an annual event that most people think we are strange/nuts/gross for doing, but we really look forward to it! We process about 30 chickens in one morning, and then vacuum seal them for the freezer throughout the year. Instead of plucking, though, we just skin the birds. It hasn't made a bit of difference when it comes to having a moist roasted chicken, but I do have to admit that I miss the crunchy, golden goodness of the roasted skin. But when you process that many chickens at once, there really isn't time for plucking.

There is a vast difference between a homegrown chicken and grocery market chicken. Soooo worth the extra effort!

Oh, and a note on how we handle the, um, actual "moment"... we take a gallon milk jug, cut off the bottom, make the top opening larger, and then hang it upside down from a tree with a nail or two. Essentially, it is the really red-neck way to make a killing cone. The chicken is placed with its head through the bottom opening (which was originally the top) and the jug helps to keep the wings pinned for the moments after the throat slitting when there is the protest and wing flapping. We have a large garbage container lined with a bag to catch all the blood and heads. It's always interesting to watch people's reactions when they ask about the whole process....