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Canmore update?

re:crazyweed, i think you're thinking of the old location cause the new location has massive floor to ceiling windows on three sides...

Mar 08, 2010
matlock in Prairie Provinces

Canmore Dining Changes? The Iron Goat, Trough , Quarry

this saddens me. i loved the quarry for their patio and decent food but the wood has served me some of the worst meals i've had in a restaurant ever. i'll be avoiding this one.

Feb 15, 2010
matlock in Prairie Provinces

Canmore - wedding

20 people would fit quite nicely in the front of crazyweed, which gives you access to the bar and the patio. the back of the restaurant would probably still be open to the public but they have extremely reasonable(50-75 ish per head depending on number of courses, etc) set menus and corkage. we had our staff christmas party in the front last year and it was absolutely delightful, food was spectacular and service was friendly and extremely helpful.

Feb 14, 2010
matlock in Prairie Provinces

Canmore Dining Changes? The Iron Goat, Trough , Quarry

when did they reopen? last i heard they had sold.

Feb 14, 2010
matlock in Prairie Provinces

delice de bourgogne in montreal?

where to buy delice de bourgogne cheese in montreal?

daytrip from calgary?

make a day of it, lunch at crazyweed in canmore(thoroughly enjoyable and superb)if a bit unpredictable), dinner at truffle pigs in field!

Feb 09, 2010
matlock in Prairie Provinces

thali - new indian downtown

went for the first time tonight and was pleasantly delighted! the butter chicken was smooth and well balanced and the naan was extremely fresh and perfectly chewy. the portions of each item in the combo were fairly small but as a whole it was a massive meal. i also ordered a chai, which tasted like it had been boiling for a couple days and had chunks of burnt milk in the bottom but nothing's perfect all the time. i don't think there's a better value downtown right now.

Bakery or breakfast near Parc La Fontaine

neve is great for cheap and quick breakfast and decent coffee but artjava on mont royal and st hubert has great coffee and a menu that is a bit more adventurous. if you go a bit further the sparrow(st laurent and maguire i believe) has excellent brunches sat-sunday and the coffee is getting better. be prepared to wait though, last weekend we waited 35 minutes. good thing it was worth it!