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First time in SF - Need (specific) recs!

Thanks again guys! Still a bit overwhelmed...worried that we won't be able to fit everything in.

We were able to get Valentine's dinner reservations for La Mar so we're pretty excited about that. Peruvian will be new for us.

The BF is set on going to Ike's, checked out their website and it said to avoid the place from 11:30 to 3:30, so we're going to try and call it in somewhere outside of that time frame.

We're open to other options outside of La Cumbre. Thoughts? Will a lot of the alternatives be in the Mission district?

I'm not convinced about R & G. I still have dreams daily about our Hong Kong trip last year. so in other words, I'm looking for a trancendental Cantonese experience and the salt and pepper crab is not completely selling me. How are their other menu items?

Definitely grabbing the egg custard tarts as they are a childhood staple for me.

We'll be hitting the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market one of the mornings and dim sum on the other and maybe Swan for an (big) snack. Farmer's Market--Saturday morning versus Monday morning?

A friend of mine from Dallas who was just in SF for her b-day last year recommended Caffe Delucchi and I've also gotten Suppenkuche and Cha Cha Cha in the Mission. Thoughts?


First time in SF - Need (specific) recs!

Thank you guys so much! Great info!

First time in SF - Need (specific) recs!

The BF and I will be in SF for the first time for the long weekend (Fri night to late Mon night). We’ll be staying in Union Sq. (no car) but we’re willing to take public transportation/cabs anywhere that’s worth it.

Planning this trip has been overwhelming as there seems to be a lot of great places to try. Some specific things we’re looking for: (I don’t care about ambience. Just needs to be good and not exorbitantly priced. )

-We’re both originally from the east coast but now live in Dallas, so we’ll take any opportunity to get some great authentic Chinese food. I’m looking for a good dim sum (har gow) place and some good Cantonese/Hong Kong style cooking—pan fried noodles to be exact. Seriously, how crazy will Chinatown be for Chinese New Year? Should I expect long waits?

-The BF lived in Japan for 3 years so he’s always on the lookout for authentic Japanese, but NEVER finds it. I know LA might be better for this, but I thought it was worth a shot. He’s looking for the non-sushi staples: ramen, katsu curry, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, etc.

-Best clam chowder (BF’s fam is from Boston) and seafood generally. Saw that Swan was popular on the boards, but what else? How about some place w/ a bigger menu?

-Saw La Cumbre and Ike’s Place on Man vs. Food so we were thinking of trying those. Also thinking about Slanted Door as it seems to be at the top of everyone’s list. Thoughts?

We’re just looking to enjoy the great food SF has to offer so any other recs would be great. Sorry about the long post but after surfing the boards it seems that people always want specifics, so I thought I’d just lay it all out.