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Costco in Yorktown Heights?

Looks like things are moving ahead as the planning board accepted the revised FEIS and it was submitted for comments on 10/21/14. I believe the comment period is thirty days. I would guess that if all goes well, the earliest they will get started with construction will be late first quarter 2015. Mr. Bill can chime in if he has heard anything else.

Costco in Yorktown Heights?

I happen to know someone who is involved with the approval of this project and what they told me agrees with what you have said. Apparently, there are a number of road improvements that will have to be made in order to insure a smooth traffic flow at that intersection. I also agree with i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream with regard to driving all the way down to Yonkers to get my Costco fix. I really do not like that store at all, especially the weird parking lot.

Great American BBQ pop-up (White Plains, NY)

I agree. Twelve bucks for a pulled pork sandwich? Really? I find the pricing interesting. Only one dollar more for a brisket sandwich when brisket costs at least three times more than a pork butt. No thanks.

New Paltz Farm Stands

I apologize, you are correct. Those might be available.

New Paltz Farm Stands

I'm not sure what fresh local veggies you are expecting to find the second week in May up in New Paltz. If they have any to offer, they will have come from a greenhouse.

New Restaurants in Wappingers Falls

Have not tried Billy Bob's yet but will definitely stop by one day soon. Their menu looks interesting. It's not surprising that Billy Joe's closed. Bbq places in our area seem to come and go regularly.

keenan house kitchen & tap room- ossining

Great report! Glad you enjoyed your time there and agree with you that its nice to have a place like this in Ossining. I am looking forward to visiting.

New Restaurants in Wappingers Falls

I stopped by BBQ Red for lunch on Saturday and had a brisket sandwich. My dining companion had the rib platter. My sandwich came with one side and the rib platter came with two sides and cornbread. While the service was excellent, I can't say the same about the food. My sandwich had only four slices of brisket but they were very thick slices which made it difficult to eat. You have an option to get your sandwich in different "styles" which included cheese, onions, etc. I chose plain as I wanted to taste the meat. The meat was very dry and I had to use a lot of sauce to make it more palatable. The meat also had very little smoke flavor. I had mac n' cheese as my side. This consisted of a fairly large bowl of rotini in a cheese sauce that was a bit bland and the whole thing was covered with crumbled potato chips (which I did not enjoy). They also served a ramekin of coleslaw which had a weird flavor and I left most of it. The baked beans my dining partner had as a side were tasty but too sweet for me. Her ribs were OK, but were overdone and had little smoke flavor. The rib portion was huge but on closer inspection I noticed that half of the serving was composed of rib tips. On a positive note, I thought all the sauces on the table were very good and other diners seemed to be enjoying their meals. I will probably not return as their are better bbq options.

keenan house kitchen & tap room- ossining

Yes, there was a place after Guida's. It was called Mauro's. It was Italian also and it was run by a husband, wife and brother-in-law. There were about ten tables downstairs and a bigger room upstairs. I don't think the room upstairs was used very much for regular dining.

keenan house kitchen & tap room- ossining

Yeah I passed by this place the other day... I think you meant Guida's ;-) The old layout was long and narrow and the bathrooms were upstairs. I wonder if they changed that. Parking was always a problem too. I looked at the beer menu and I found it interesting that it is being billed as a "tap room" with only a dozen or so taps. Additionally, their beer prices seem a bit high compared to other similar places. Looking forward to your report!

Shiraz - Persian restaurant in Elmsford, NY

I don't usually revive old threads but... Last night, Food Network's "Restaurant Stakeout" featured Shiraz. It seems that they were about to go out of business due to their indifferent waiters and slow service. The owner's son was the manager and he admitted that he did not like working there but was forced to participate in the family business. The owner was portrayed as being unable to discipline any of his staff and it was costing him his business. I have no idea how much of these shows are reality, but the dining experiences that were shown reminded me of my own, over two years ago. It was sad to see that it hadn't changed much.

Thom Thom Steak & Seafood ... OR... ?

I recommend you go to a place where they have a real "chef at the helm".

"Best of Las Vegas" - REALLY?!?!

I always have to laugh when I see "readers picks" or "best of" lists in any publication. While, to me, the Review Journal's lists are laughable, these illogical lists are frequently published in magazines and newspapers all over the country. No matter who was at the top of category, would you take it seriously and run right out and dine there? No, you'd do more research because you are a Chowhound and you'd find out the real deal. I'd do the same. For some people, the dining establishments that were named are fine and are regarded as good eating. All I am saying is to each his own, and don't think that anyone knows better than you, what you like.

Mar 27, 2013
fragnet in Las Vegas

Tracks oyster bar in Penn station?

I wouldn't exactly call Tracks "terrible". It is what it is and that is a bar that has decent bar service and some OK menu items as long as you know what to order. The burgers are pretty good as well as a few of the fish entrees. It is NOT fine dining by any means, but for a quick bite it is fine and I am sure your kids would find it enjoyable. The location cannot be any more convenient to NJ Transit trains - they are about a two minute walk from the front entrance. I am not sure you want to be walking far from Penn Station with the kids in tow at the end of a busy day in the city, searching for a place to eat.

Mar 23, 2013
fragnet in Manhattan

Group of 16 from NYC - fun and yum?

Trust me, with all that goes on in Vegas, no one will be looking at you weird in your "clubbing" outfits. In fact, you will be viewed as the norm rather than the exception. No matter where you go, call ahead to make sure the venue can accommodate your large group and remember that a standard gratuity will most likely be added to your bill. Have fun!

Mar 05, 2013
fragnet in Las Vegas

John Mull's Meats

I ate there last week for the first time. They were out of brisket, but had tri-tip, so I got that, plus pulled pork and the hot links - all part of the three meat platter which included two sides. The tri-tip was very good as was the pulled pork. I was expecting a whole hot link, but instead it was served up sliced in a very sweet bbq sauce which I thought, took away from the flavor of the sausage. The sides were excellent. I had baked beans and macaroni salad. It wasn't crowded at all, but I went around 3:30pm and the weather was great, so we ate outside. I felt it was a nice experience. Not classic bbq as you may be used to, but something slightly different. People serving were very nice too. Enjoy it if you go.

Feb 12, 2013
fragnet in Las Vegas

Good Food in Briarcliff Manor

I believe I saw a sign in Orfino's window saying that they were moving into that space.

Daniel Delaney's Brisket Lab

I am always amused when people say "it had a nice smoke ring". A smoke ring isn't really a "smoke ring" but a chemical reaction produced when you burn wood. Nitrogen dioxide is produced and this reacts with moist meat's myoglobin and forms a pink "smoke ring". This has nothing to do with smoke flavor. A smoke ring has little or no bearing on flavor.

Aug 09, 2012
fragnet in Manhattan

AYCE Crab Legs (All You Can Eat Vegas Buffet)

South Point (on the strip but a few miles South) has all-you-can-eat crab legs at its seafood buffet on Friday nights. The cost is $22.95, but with their Club card, it is $18.95. If you are staying at the hotel, you can use the half-price buffet coupon they give you at check-in to reduce your cost to $9+. Crab legs were pretty good and you can get them hot or cold. They also have a number of oyster and shrimp dishes.

Jul 22, 2012
fragnet in Las Vegas

Need quality beef brisket for smoking and for chili

I agree with what others have said. If you are smoking a brisket that you plan to eat and actually enjoy, then you must get one that's "choice" and it should be a packer brisket. Anything less will leave you with shoe leather once it's smoked. To my knowledge, Sam's Clubs (or Costcos) in the NY Metro area do not sell packer briskets. They might be available if you ask. I also agree that you should use chuck roasts, which may cost more, but you will net a lot more meat when you are done with your smoke and they will be easier for you to find.

May 04, 2012
fragnet in Manhattan

Country Sweet Chicken and RIbs Sauce [moved from New York State board]

There are a few on these listed if you Google it, here is one:

Here is a very close recipe for Boss Sauce (Country Sweet Sauce).

Wing Sauce

1. 2 Cups cider vinegar.
2. 1 ¼ Cups sugar.
3. 6 oz. Honey (add more for thicker sweater sauce).
4. 6 oz. Mustard.
5. 2oz. Ketchup.
6. 3oz. Frank’s Red-Hot. ( Texas Pete )
7. 1ea. 6 oz. can crushed pineapple. Puree in blender.
8. Crushed red pepper flakes, your choice. 2 Tbs. = Med.

1. Combine first 3 ingredients and use medium heat until sugar is dissolved and watery.
2. Then add the next 3 ingredients.
3. Drain pineapple and puree in blender then add to sauce.
4. Add Red pepper flakes and bring mixture to boil. ( Caution: Boils over easily.)
5. Add 1Tsp. Cornstarch and water to boiling sauce to thicken.
6. Add 6-8 ice cubes to cool then simmer ½ hour.

Apr 06, 2012
fragnet in Home Cooking

New Whole Foods in Ridge Hill (Yonkers)

The times I've been there, I have seen a parking agent patrolling the area and giving out tickets. He was driving a stand-up two-wheel scooter. On a side note - who would have the nerve to take back a pie that's been in their freezer for two years and expect a refund?

drinks and eats on 65 mile bike ride (Brewster to NYC)

+1 on Rocky's. There is also a local coffee place in the shopping center across from Rocky's (and actually closer to the trail) called Tazza. They have all kinds of coffee-based drinks, pastries and some sandwiches. Bikers are often seen there, taking a break from the trail. Not much else heading South until you get to the Ardsley area.

Proposed Farmers Market in Yorktown generate opposition from local farms and supporters

Bill - Of course its totally ridiculous. If the three local farms have good stuff to sell, then open a booth at the market and everyone will see how good they are. If its good, people will abandon the market and go to their farms. The fact is that they are scared of competition and want to have a monopoly on what is sold in the area. I stopped going to Wilkens when one day, while totaling up my apple pickings, one of the workers skimmed a few apples off the top of my heaping bag and told me I had too much in the bag. I never went back.

Fort Reno BBQ

The smoker you saw in the picture is indeed electric. But that doesn't mean it cannot turn out fine bbq. It is a high-end electric smoker that uses wood - not pellets. I guarantee that you could not tell the difference between bbq prepared on a GOOD electric smoker and a stick burner. A smoker doesn't have to be big to prepare good bbq. I've tasted some crappy bbq from huge bbq joints and have had great bbq that I've produced on my gas grill with a smoker box. Good meat and technique make all the difference.

Mar 16, 2012
fragnet in Outer Boroughs

M. Wells Owners to Open Steakhouse in L.I.C.

Across the street from the new apartment building going up on Crescent St., in a space that used to be an auto body shop.

NY times link to story:

M. Wells Steakhouse
43-15 Crescent St, Queens, NY 11101

Mar 09, 2012
fragnet in Outer Boroughs

Restaurant with Karaoke in Westchester

Try Pete's Saloon in Elmsford or Barney Mc Nabb in Yonkers. Both have karaoke on Thursdays. I don't know if you'd call them a "restaurant", but they do serve your typical bar food.

Oven-Smoked Bacon

Let's see... Buy the pork belly, buy the curing salt, three yards of heavy duty foil, wood chips and a lot of your time. Why not just buy the bacon? Five cups of wood chips is way too much. Using this amount will render your bacon inedible due to the burnt wood resin that will be deposited on your bacon from smoking it with no air circulation. And if you think the smoke will somehow be magically trapped inside the foil and not smell up your house for days, guess again. Not to mention your smoke alarm going off. You are burning wood indoors, on top of your range. Not a good idea and I doubt it gives good results.

Feb 29, 2012
fragnet in Recipes

upper westchester near Peekskill

I'm still trying to figure out how Wobble Cafe in Ossining is "near Peekskill".

Five Guys Burger and Fries coming to Cortlandt Manor

These are also found in the new Manhattan locations I've visited.