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Good sushi in Mtl

Tri Express is very, very nice. Excellent food, relaxed atmosphere, very helpful staff. I have been there at least 6 or 7 times in the past couple of years, and I'm always looking forward to my next visit.

Most recently, on a very busy night, the waiter offered to make a menu for us (2 people) according to how much we were willing to pay. We said "about 45$" and he created a very filling 4-dish menu for us for 43.50, taxes included. As a result, service was very fast (since the dishes were selected based on what was on hand, I think), and it made us try a whole bunch of things we'd never tried before. It was all delicious, of course.

If you go there, I highly recommend the "sashimis a la maniere de tri" to start. Awesome.

Tri Express
1650 Av Laurier E, Montreal, QC H2J1J2, CA

Feb 22, 2010
maja in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Does Sushi rice make good risotto?

I just made risotto with sushi rice yesterday, and I was very pleased with the results.

Feb 17, 2010
maja in Home Cooking

Where to buy jars of whole or diced tomatoes in Montreal?

I would like to avoid cans (to avoid BPA, which is present in can lining), but I can only find jars of sauce or crushed tomatoes -- no whole tomatoes.

The most convenient area for me is anywhere between University, Sherbrooke, Papineau and Jean-Talon.


Feb 09, 2010
maja in Quebec (inc. Montreal)