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Trendy, Tasty, and Affordable Sushi Restaurant?

Thanks for the recommendations. Keep them coming. All good suggestions so far. With regards to what I consider "expensive", that would be maki rolls in the $15 price range. Rolls in between $5-12 I would deem affordable.

Trendy, Tasty, and Affordable Sushi Restaurant?

Hello everyone:

I have some family coming in from overseas and I would like to take them to a trendy and tasty sushi restaurant. The majority of sushi restaurants in the city that I frequent have good food, for a horrible atmosphere, were we to want a nice evening out. Any suggestions on a trendy, tasty, and affordable Sushi restaurant in Toronto?

Hope I am not asking for too much :)

Has anyone been to the new "Parkdale Drink"

Just wondering whether anyone has checked out the Parkdale Drink, as I am interested in going tomorrow night and was wondering what the prices for dinner and drinks are like?

Dinner for 4

I would have to agree with "thenurse" that the Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar is excellent. Perhaps not so much a "wow", depending on what defines "wow", however, exceptional food, great ambiance (quaint and somewhat communal), with an open kitchen which always delivers the freshest of foods. This is a restaurant I always recommend, however, they do not take reservations for dinner, so there is often a wait.

Where can I hold a b-day celebration?

Hello fellow Chowhounds:

I am looking for suggestions on where to hold my b-day celebrations in Toronto. I am turning the big 3-0, and am looking for a place that is trendy, but not overly expensive, that takes reservations for a group between 10-25, without having to have the event catered (as it the case at the Drake).

I have a few places I am thinking of, but was wondering whether anyone can confirm whether I am making a good choice, or, if you have any other suggestions, feel free to let me know.

My short list, so far, is as follows:

Proof Bar/Skylounge at the Intercontinental Hotel on Bloor
Libra Lounge (formerly Spoon Restaurant) on King St. W.
Archeo at the Distillery District
Montana....the Last Best Place in the Entertainment District

I look forward to hearing from anyone with a suggestion, as the date is just around the corner and I really should start sending out evites. Thanks!