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Thanks very much for the comments and links to other posts and the link to 40 west. I will research all of these recommendations and go from there .. if I have to up my budget .. not a problem .. if anyone thinks of any more hip places .. kindly let me know



Hi .. this is my first post .. but I am looking for a nice restaurant to go to in Montreal on the weekend of Valentines .. not too expensive and we dont drink .. but my girl is a foodie .. so we are looking for something that has wicked cuisine and a nice price for 2 --- $35 - $70 (++). I think we are going to check Gibbys also .. but we are driving so if the place is hip and it serves like normal food (no elk, deer, seafood, etc - yikes lol) .. also like Italian .. that would be cool

Thanks in advance .. we will be staying in are of Rue St Jacques at a boutique hotel

p.s. - and where is the place to get the best french pastry???????????

p.p.s - is there a place somewhere in Montreal called 44? (steakhouse???) .. I think it is near a plaza .. but not sure if that the right place .. but a client brought me there and it was quite nice

thanks again