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looking for the best fresh pork sausage sold retail

Tony's Market in Roslindale makes Amazing fresh sausage every week as he has since 1963

Tony's Market
4253 Washington St, Boston, MA 02131

Jan 27, 2011
bspence in Greater Boston Area


Geoffrey's Moved to the Back Bay, Adams Park Kitchen & Bar has opened in its place

Jan 06, 2011
bspence in Greater Boston Area

where do boston's chefs eat

As the Chef/Owner of Geoffrey's Cafe My 2 Fave to relax and dine at are the Franklin Cafe in the South End and Masona Grill in West Roxbury

Masona Grill
4 Corey Street, West Roxbury, MA 02132

Jul 13, 2010
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Birthday Dinner at Post 390

Arrived at 630 last night to find a bustling packed restaurant, nice, considering the economy, greeted by a gracious host staff and was sent upstairs to join my friends that had already arrive, had a cocktail at the upstairs bar, which i must admit was very busy, interesting Hendricks gin cocktail, we then were moved to our table overlooking the Trinity Church, the dining room is warm and inviting, dimly lit and nice warm wood and leather tones. Matt our waiter was SUPERB very knowledgeable on the menu, specials and the wine list. We started with a seafood tower that was divine, then shared a few apps, I had the NY Strip cooked to perfection my dc had the Lamb and other dc had the new england clam bake, meals were all outstanding, for dessert we tried the sliver of chocolate cake, creme brulee and banana cream pie, I must say I thought my grandmother was in the kitchen as the banana cream pie was off the hook !!!
I have to say I will definately return very soon, I loved the vibe of the place and as we were leaving around 930 the place was still packed

Post 390
406 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116

Nov 19, 2009
bspence in Greater Boston Area

L'Espalier These Days

I had the pleasure of dining many times in the old location as well as celebrating my birthday in the new location, my DC and I both had the Autumn Degustation 5 course meal, I posted about this earlier, The Food, Service and Atmosphere is 5 star in my book.
I am planning on spending christmas eve there

Dec 18, 2008
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L'Espalier - Who's Been?

I went on 10/21 for my annual 37th birthday dinner, I found the new location to be amazing, three different diningrooms, the crystal room, grey room and library, I sat in the
the main room, beautiful table on the window, my dc and I ordered the fall degustation meal, I can only say in all the years I have dined there this was by far the best meal ever, the foie gras course and the cheese course being my 2 favorite, I cant wait to go back

Nov 14, 2008
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Vintage Wine Source?

Try Winecommune.com they have an amazing source of hard to find wine, with a great search engine you can view all wines for sale "78

Jul 09, 2008
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J.P, Roslindale, West Roxbury Chinese Food?

Top Taste in Roslindale on Belgrade Ave has some really great take out and surprisingly the pad thai is really good as well.

Jun 30, 2008
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canning supplies

I do alot of canning and find that it is cheaper to order jars online, here is the link to the squarecompany that sells the most amazing collection of canning jars


Jun 24, 2008
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South End Birthday Crawl

Well yet another 37th birthday has come and gone, this year being back in boston after a 4 year absence, my best friend took me to all the new places hot and hoppin in the South End. I used to be in the south in before it was HOT and for many years there after but i have to admit this was an amazing time.

1st started at Gaslight, as someone that has known seth woods since the early days, i have to admit its his best concept yet, the bar is uber french masculine ( those of you that have been to paris will understand) the old school cocktail are to be enjoyed, started with a Fluer de les , the subtle lavender liquer that is used in this cocktail is decadent. enjoyed the pate, tartar , escargot all expertly prepared and executed, at this point we decided to continue on and head towards Union, which just so happens to be another Seth Woods project, sat at the bar, cocktails and apps were so so, after the amazing experience at gaslight is sort of paled and this bar.

Next Stop, B&G Oysters, sat at the counter, place was hopping (for a monday night) great crowd, great staff, had oysters, & Champagne, then off to catch some jazz at Beehive. Totally fell in love with Beehive, hard to believe that I was still in Boston, with its sub terraine location and live jazz nightly, again on a monday night at 10:30 pm it was on fire, had a few cocktails and decided to head to an old favorite haunt of mine

Franklin Cafe, of course had to stop in and stay hello to Elaina, a mainstay since she left geoffreys in the late 90's, had cocktails and the chefs sent a few apps over, can only say that the Franklin has only gotten better with age.

Overall its amazing that a monday night birthday on a cold 21st day in October could have yeilded such and amazing experience in a neighborhood that i have been a patron of since the days of tremont ice crean and botolphs on tremont

Oct 30, 2007
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An unscientific look at local by-the-glass wine pricing [moved from Boston board]

I offer up a scientific response to wine pricing in restaurants
A. Rent in the city of Boston, esp the SE is an average of $50 sq/ft
B. Labor Cost to provide you with a clean glass and someone to serve it to you not to mention to seat you and clean up after you is 30% of every dollar.
C. Liq Liability Insurance that protects everyone is an average of $500-$1000 + per month.
D. Build Out, the cost to provide anywhere from casual funky to custom made booths set back the avaerage small biz person $400,000.

of course there is alot of other factors that eat away at the mark up on food and wine as the typical restaurant bottom line after paying all the bills is 10% of every $1. and after a few years of experience in can rise up to maybe 18-20% so you see there is not a 500% profit to the biz or the owners, I hope this helps all to understand the complexity of pricing wine and food.

Jul 27, 2007
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