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MSP - Bin Wine Bar - Lowerton St. Paul

Yes, I will definitely try it again.

MSP - Bin Wine Bar - Lowerton St. Paul

Went to Bin Tuesday night; it was very busy and there were only two wait staff so they were a bit harried. Had a Pinot Noir which was okay, but the Shiraz was very nice. Food was okay--loved the dates stuffed with blue cheese, thought that the flat bread was a bit dry (the menu said it came with fixings and olive oil but it didn't; we did ask for olive oil and that helped) and the chacuterie tray was a little disappointing--the meats (two types of salami) didn't seem anything special and unlike sftomn's, there was no cheese included on ours. However, I think it is a nice addition to Lowertown and will definitely go back.

Wine shops in MPLS

Solo Vino in St. Paul is the best wine shop around, but Sorella on 11th and Washington has a really good selection, too.