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Wisdom teeth removal - Food help!

I have just had 2 impacted teeth removed from my lower jaw, one took 30 minutes and one took 2 hrs and has left me needing a bone graft at a later date. i should have had 4 removed but the dentist was so beat up after doing the 2 hr tooth he said to come back another time. i am on day 4 and have just eaten a lasagne which was good, and for lunch i had Buttered Chicken with rice and semolina. i just take a fork to it and make it into small pieces and make sure that what i eat has some kind of sauce so that i dont need to chew it to work up saliva. Breakfast is 2 mashed bananas a yoghurt and coffe. I have stopped the pain killers now and am just on anti inflam and anti biotics, Gel ice packs and plenty of water have helped i think and moving my jaw open and closed has stopped it from seizing up totally.

Feb 08, 2010
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