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Baltimore Chowhound in search of road food advice, Jacksonville to Cedar Key

Hi all -- we'll be coming down in April for a week in Cedar Key, flying into JAX and driving 2.5 hours to get to the gulf coast. We'll have three kids along, so can't do huge detours, but I would love to know about any worthy stops along the way -- BBQ? pie? produce stands? -- as well as places to eat in the Cedar Key area.


Feb 18, 2012
mgienow in Florida

BMore hound down in Arlington -- tell me where to go!

wow, guys, thanks, this is really helpful. i'm driving around every time i'm down there feeling totally overwhelmed by all the choices -- so much more than bmore! i'm happy to hear that crisp and juicy is still there, i had great chicken there a DECADE ago --

will report back in as i try places! might start with thai, since bmore thai is sort of uninspired...


BMore hound down in Arlington -- tell me where to go!

thx steve! not just for tonight -- i will be in Arlington for a couple days at least every other week, and it will vary between weekdays and weekends. i look forward to trying bangkok golden as per your rec and will report back. also looking forward to full kee in bailey's xroads!


BMore hound down in Arlington -- tell me where to go!

sorry everyone, have no idea why this posted FOUR times, trying to figure out how to remove three of them!

stuck in crystal city fri nite -- anywhere good to eat?

thanks, everyone! i'mm happy to hear there's good food in crystal city, i've only ever seen it from the highway and it looks pretty sterile, i thought i'd be lucky to find like a tgi friday's.

and, oooh, ethiopian...i'll have to flp a coin between ethiopian and taleo.

anyone have any insight as to whether federal DC is even open for business tomorrow? if the passport office is closed tomorrow then this whole thread is moot, i won't be going anywhere! they'll let me know tomorrow at 8 am but i would love to find out before then...

stuck in crystal city fri nite -- anywhere good to eat?

baltimore hound spending friday night in crystal city in some airport hotel. i'm completely unfamiliar with arlington -- anywhere good to eat if i don't have a car? don't want to go far, i have a 4 am flight saturday...


Baltimore -- where to get cheese curds?

wisconsin style cheese curds, or latino queso blanco type curd? if it's the latter, i've seen them at shoppers in cockeysville, in the latino dairy cooler. i'm sure you could find them in fells point too.

6 hours in Miami: What to eat?

exactly what i needed to know, thanks so much!

6 hours in Miami: What to eat?

Hi all,

Baltimore chowhound flying into Miami early Weds. am and have an 8+ hour layover before an international flight that evening. Plenty of time to cab into town (is there a train? I seem to dimly remember) for lunch.

I'm an adventurous eater, love Cuban food, fancy or hole-in-the-wall are equally good for me.

So, where's a good place to go for lunch, and anything else reasonably convenient to the airport that would be a fun, relaxing way to while away a few hours? I basically have never been to Miami, except for the airport, and am completely clueless!

Thanks so much!