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High Fructose Corn Syrup- Friend or Foe?

Foe, I dont buy anything with corn syrup, dyes, or preservatives. Corn syrup is the worst its in almost EVERYTHING. I also hate it when companies try to say their food products are all natural and they have disgusting corn syrup in their products.

Does anyone know anything about Disney Worlds culinary internship thats part of the college program?

I haven't been able to find anything online at all anywhere about anyones experience with Disneys culinary program. Thanks in advance.

I have several questions about culinary school....

Thanks for your input beerzombie! If you dont mind me asking what is your occupation now? Would you say going to Johnson and Wales helped you land a job? How did you become a teaching assistant while you were there?

I have several questions about culinary school....

Thanks so much Maria!! You have given me excellent pieces of advice. I will definitely contact those chefs. The more info the better...You seem to know a lot about this are you a chef or something??

I have several questions about culinary school....

Thanks your comment was helpful.

I have several questions about culinary school....

Well I live in Columbia, SC. I think it will be hard to find a pastry chef here though a lot of restaurants and even hotels use store bought desserts. Then whats the point of culinary schools if they dont prepare you for the real world? Yeah Im going to try and find an internship this summer so I can see what it is like.

I have several questions about culinary school....

Hi everyone!

1. I'am 24 years old and Im dying to be a pastry chef and I now that for some years I will have crappy pay (and thats a little scary to me), but I dont care. Im 24 and I want to go to culinary school for baking/pastry arts. I was thinking I would go for a four year degree(I do have general education credits and would not like for them to go to waste), but Im not sure if that is necessary or not. I would like to be an executive pastry chef eventually though. I was talking to this chef that I work with he isnt a pastry chef, but he said that I should also do an apprenticeship. So I thought it would be a good idea that while in school I could do an informal apprenticeship so that way I can get a solid foundation in culinary education and have experience as well for when I go out into the workforce. Is it possible to do both school and an apprenticeship at the same time?

2. Also I dont want to go to a fancy culinary school or one of those for profit schools (Le Cordon Bleu/ Art institutes) and pay thousands upon thousands of dollars. Are there any public colleges/universities that offer four year degree baking pastry arts degrees besides CIA and Johnson and Wales? I have been looking, but I cant find anything.

3. Also is it important that I go to a school accredited by the American Culinary Federation?

4. Can someone give me the 100% truth about how much a pastry chef really makes if they are not an executive pastry chef? I

5. Is being a pastry chef as stressful as being a regular chef?

6. Will I have a life outside the kitchen? Thanks for reading all my questions! Sorry I have so many.