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Where can I find Tiger Tail ice cream?

true (that you can find the darnedest things with Google)....
I had googled it myself but was hoping to find something a bit more current and less Chapman-esque. The Yelp review is definitely a keeper though.

Where can I find Tiger Tail ice cream?

As a kid, Tiger Tail (my favourite flavour) could be found at ice cream palours all over southern Ontario. The last time i saw it was at my university cafeteria in 1996. I must be able to get it somewhere...any suggestions or known spots?
For those that aren't familiar with Tiger Tail it is orange ice cream swirled with black licorice. Sometimes there is vanilla swirled in to. I know, I know--it sounds digusting...but it isn't. really. and I don't even like licorice much.
I'm willing to drive anywhere in the GTA for good Tiger Tail but I do live at Avenue Road and Eglinton.

Organics Delivered?

I'm on a two-box trial with Organics Delivered. Had my first one last week and it was great. I have been with Green Earth Organics until now. The cauliflower I got with OD was twice the size of the one I got with GEO and was amazing in the taste dept. So far, I think I'm switching for good!

No Frills Location open at 8am on Sunday?

Just moved to Avenue and Eglinton from Downtown. I used to shop at the Carlaw and Gerrard No Frills location on Sunday mornings between 8 and 9am and I now I realize how good I had it! Not only was that a FABULOUS No Frills franchise in terms of size and product selection but no I can't find a location around here that it open before 9am! I've tried the following locations with no luck:
1. Dufferin and Eglinton
2. Avenue Road south of Wilson
3. Oakwood and St. Clair (on Alberta)

Anyone know of a No Frills in this the neck of the woods that is open early on Sunday? I'm almost to the point of driving back to Carlaw and Gerard so anything closer would be appreciated!