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Where to buy high end scotch in Seattle?

Fernet's on closeout in which store?!?

The Fernet enthusiasts in this city may be few, but they are active! When I moved here a year ago, you couldn't find it it's stocked in many bars and in a lot of the liquor stores...we're making an impact!

Nov 02, 2008
Beans2007 in Pacific Northwest

Family Friendly Sushi

Conveniently, there's also an "I Love Sushi" in Bellevue. I haven't been to that one, but I assume it's of the same quality of the SLU spot.

Jun 02, 2008
Beans2007 in Pacific Northwest

Dinner in Bellevue before "Sex and the City"

Obviously, it's a taste thing, but in my opinion, Joey's isn't really good for anything aside from perhaps the good looking waitresses - which I assume your party is not much interested. The food is passable at best, really boring at worst. It's overly crowded with fratty dudes and Bellevue's divorcees on the prowl.

Right next door to Joey's is Twisted Cork Wine Bar - not perfect but certainly about 10 steps above the quality of Joey's.

Both (along with everything else in that immediate area) will be crowded on a Friday night.

May 30, 2008
Beans2007 in Pacific Northwest

Best Workin'Persons Lunch in Downtown Seattle

I've always been a big fan of Blue Water Taco Grill. They have several locations downtown and in QA. Good burritos, especially the fish or shrimp or calamari burritos with the lime tartar sauce. Usually a line, but pretty fast nonetheless.

Unlike Taco Del Mar, their burritos actually have flavor.

May 20, 2008
Beans2007 in Greater Seattle

Help me finalize my Seattle list!!

Try Cafe Nola on Bainbridge for brunch. *But watch out as apparently it was recently on a Food Net show and the lines are kinda long now! I was there a while ago and we actually wandered in because it was the least crowded place and were nicely surprised! Take an earlier ferry and beat the crowds.

Also, I agree with Barlywino - hit up Vessel for happy hour and do yourself a favor and stop in at Zig Zag cafe for cocktails at some point as well. Don't order your old standby, order something off their menu and be amazed at how good it is.

Cascadia's happy hour is pretty popular, so get there early. I believe they don't open until 4:30 or 5, and it's not uncommon for them to have a line outside!

May 16, 2008
Beans2007 in Pacific Northwest

Prom night in Georgetown

Really tough call...most of the Georgetown restaurants are 21+ as they are all bar/grills (and probably not that great for prom anyway) or lunch places.

It's a tough deal with the game at Qwest, but if you can, reserve a table at restaurants in the areas near the stadium (Pioneer Square and ID) after the 7pm start time and you should be okay. If not, you're sort of stuck hitting up the neighboring areas of Columbia City, West Seattle, or (unfortunately) Southcenter.

May 14, 2008
Beans2007 in Pacific Northwest

Drinks in downtown Seattle

Thanks for the links barleywino.

I hope that Vessel can keep up the high level without Jamie.

May 11, 2008
Beans2007 in Pacific Northwest

Drinks in downtown Seattle

Like many have said, Vessel is the place to go downtown. They take great care with their cocktails and have an outstanding array of premium liquor. Capital Grille is a bit small and can get crowded, but like Vessel, their bartenders know what they are doing.

May 10, 2008
Beans2007 in Pacific Northwest

Sports Bars in Seattle?

Try The Village Pub in Magnolia or Buckley's in Lower Queen Anne. Both are nice with pretty decent pub grub, not "corporate" but not sketchy either!

May 08, 2008
Beans2007 in Pacific Northwest

Quick lunch in Fremont

On Thursdays, the Skillet airstream is in Fremont on the corner of Canal and 35th. Good, fast and cheap...

May 07, 2008
Beans2007 in Pacific Northwest

Gin, anyone?

Try "Aviation" from's an outstanding, earthy gin that blew me away at first taste. I don't know how available it is outside of the west coast, but if you can find it, do yourself a favor and try it!

Jul 27, 2007
Beans2007 in Spirits

Bar Advice Needed!

Is there a bar in Manhattan that has a good selection of British ciders?

How about a really good tequila bar? Preferably a real bar and not a restaurant, but if the restaurant has a large bar, that will work as well.

Sake bar?

Your help is very very very very very appreciated!!!

Jul 27, 2007
Beans2007 in Manhattan

Ultimate Tapas - Barcelona, Madrid and Granada, Tips Wanted


El Vaso de Oro in Barceloneta is outstanding. It gets VERY crowded so try to get there early (before 8pm if possible). They make their own beer, a light and a dark that are both very good. The people and the owners are great, not to mention the tapas!

Jul 27, 2007
Beans2007 in Spain/Portugal

Recommendations for Cuban food in Sea?

Just moved here from LA and have missed Versailles, the cuban chain down there...Is there any sort of similar cuban restaurant in Seattle? People have recommended Mojito Cafe, but it didn't really stand up very well. Anyone from LA know what I'm talking about?!

Jul 26, 2007
Beans2007 in Pacific Northwest