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Question Re. practical uses for a 2.5 Qt. Le Crouset Doufeu

I have both the 2.5 and the 7.25 doufeus, and I love them both! I use the smaller one on the stovetop mostly, for beans, braising, and any other smaller dish. I use the larger one for larger roasts, etc. However, I also use both of them (depending on the size I need) for baked pasta dishes-they are perfect for that use!

Jan 08, 2012
futurowoman in Cookware

Has anyone tried new Mitchel London Pizza?

I really liked it. I went there for lunch yesterday, and was very pleased. I had the small Prove├žal pizza, and was impressed with the fresh and high quality ingredients and the outstanding crust. I like my pizza thin and flavorful, and this was both. Very impressive for a new restaurant! Everyone was very friendly, too, and it's a crisp and functional space with comfortable tables--great for lunch!

Jul 26, 2007
futurowoman in Manhattan