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Chèvre Truffles

Why does the picture show them rolled in cocoa? The recipe calls for dipping in melted chocolate. Also, could Grand Marnier or other liquor be used instead of maple syrup?

May 25, 2011
lakelady in Recipes

Mexican Sweet Tamales

As the token Gringa at my friends Christmas Eve Tamale making party, the sweet ones were for breakfast on Christmas morning. Slice the tamale lengthwise and brown in melted butter, serve with Maple syrup. Delicioso!

Dec 27, 2010
lakelady in Recipes

Green Apple Sparkler

I hate the taste of Club Soda (tastes like Alka-Seltzer to me, ugh!). Wonder if you could use champagne instead?

Dec 26, 2010
lakelady in Recipes

Your go-to Casserole dish - easy to give

I have one that is a Mexican Lasagna made with oorn tortillas instead of lasagna noodles and shredded chicken. It is always a huge hit and people beg me to give them any leftovers (rarely any left) to take home. I know you said no lasagna, but this is very different and really great. Problem is, I don't know how to attach it (won't let me below). If you know the secret, let me know and I will send you this one.

May 11, 2010
lakelady in Home Cooking

Caesar Dressing

The true Ceasar Salad, from Caesar Cardena's restaurant in Tiajuana Mexico, had a coddled egg and no croutons. NEVER bacon! If you really are a purist, leave out the breakfast meat!

May 09, 2010
lakelady in Recipes