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Taconic (sp?) diner just of Taconic Pkwy

Any dealings at this location? A real diner?

casual eats in Punta Gorda

I just filed this post and on looking further down the site came across an extensive coverage of Punta Gorda. This is a great site and I should have looked before asking for extra help. Thanks CHOWHOUND.

Jan 19, 2012
feelinpeckish in Florida

casual eats in Punta Gorda

I am new to the west coast of FL and will have the opportunity to visit in March 2012. Any recommendations would be appreciated with the emphasis on low to moderate pricing and suitable for a single diner.

Jan 19, 2012
feelinpeckish in Florida

No Dunkin Donuts

Although I know there is at least one bakery/shop where "donuts" and an attempt at bagels can be had, there doesn't seem to be a "Dunkin Donut" shop anywhere in Columbia. Did I miss it? Are there comparable places like it some where?

Dec 18, 2011
feelinpeckish in Great Plains

and what about Roslyn Harbor?

This is a lovely village, but what about breakfast places?

Cheese Pumpkins

I am regionally separated but on NY's Long Island's east end, the Bonackers (early residents) used only cheese pumpkins I am told. And when we lived there we would seek them out for any pumpking recipe and never found it to be anything but improved. Just a history insert...

Oct 30, 2011
feelinpeckish in General Topics

dining alone

I have acquired a few recommendations for dining in the Half Moon, Clifton Park, and Saratoga Springs areas. To narrow things down a bit for me, keeping in mind moderate cost places, where would be the better place(s) to look for when dining alone?

Pulled Pork

My wife used a "boston butt" and "smoked" it at a low heat setting on a charcoal grill with wood chips (well soaked) under the meat. It was very good. My new problem is that the apartment building prohibits the use of any open flame on the balcony. Will a "George Foreman" type of grill work to get a smoked product for pulling?

Sep 18, 2011
feelinpeckish in Home Cooking

I could just live on ______

re: Peg
Same here but including the gin martini.

Sep 11, 2011
feelinpeckish in General Topics

power outage and food safety

Not really pertinent to the original poster but related in the sense of losing quantities of good food. Years ago when still living on eastern Long Island, NY we lost all power due to downed power lines from one of the hurricanes. We were the only house on the street without power for 9 days (LILCO reigned supreme but could not care less about one house). Needless to say the entire contents of the large chest freezer (6'x 3' in size). Nothing could maintain temps including dry ice. A painful experience food wise.

Sep 11, 2011
feelinpeckish in General Topics

after meal etiquette

A few years ago dining out with a few family members the after dinner chat just went on such that we just lost track of the filling up of the other tables. We had no intention of stretching out our time at table but non the less that is what happened. The owner approached us and offered a cocktail at the bar so we could continue our get together and in the process free up the table for other waiting diners. I thought that was a very good and tactful solution even though we did not take him up on the offer and merely left as we had not intended to overstay and cause a problem.

Aug 31, 2011
feelinpeckish in Not About Food


Add me for Danzers. My sister has taken me bye several times and no disappointment there. Not fancy by any means, just good German/German style food.

Need mid priced restaurants in/near Clifton Park

Thanks all for the effort, I guess I wasn't specific enough and the other query re: Waterford produced susggestions more in line with what I meant even if I had not stated it clearly enough. Thanks all.

casual eats in/near waterford, ny

Thank you for the suggestions. I will be able to check out the area personally and your (joint) notes will be helpful. I don't usually seek out high end places and for the most part your replies will fit in with my needs. Again, thanks

Need mid priced restaurants in/near Clifton Park

This community is one of the most crowded I've lived in (an Allbany NY suburb). Any recommendations for mid and even lower priced restaurants would be appreciated.

casual eats in/near waterford, ny

I'll be moving a little north of Albany and would like suggestions for casual meals out. Even chains! Saratoga is close but I am seeking less rather than more.
Thanks -

food markets in Columbia MO [moved from Chains board]

Other than the standard chain food markets are there also upscale markets in the immediate or near by market areas? (Trader Joe's etc).

Jul 27, 2011
feelinpeckish in Great Plains

Dunkin Donuts

I've been told that Dunkin Donuts do not exist in Columbia, MO. Can that be true?
Any other choices for that category of morning pastry?

Jul 27, 2011
feelinpeckish in Great Plains

The Ripe Tomato (Ballston Spa)?

Over the last 25 years of living in the general area, my wife and I stopped at the Ripe Tomato with probably more frequency than at any other spot in that geographic area. Good food well prepared, wide range of choices, very fair (even, rather low) prices. The service was always friendly and competent. Were I still in a dining out category, I would still be stopping in for a lunch or dinner from time to time but dining out alone is not something I relish. The owner or family is always present from my experience and willing to chat if the time span is right. A restaurant that still ranks "up there" in my memory.

Albany choices for bagels

I know Brueger's and it is ok but IMHO it has been better in the not too distant past but are there other choices? BTW, I have tried Uncommon Grounds and find them good and a little better than Brueger's. Any other choices?

weekend in upper columbia county/ berkshires

It has been a while since I last dined there. Thanks for the updated info, sad though as it was such a treasure and I had read early on that the new owner was filling in well. Sorry for the outdated data.

weekend in upper columbia county/ berkshires

I could not eliminate either chatham (home of Lipera's and Blue Plate - both of which are worth considering (my prference is Blue Plate but many positive posts re Lipera's)/nor could I eliminate New Lebanon (The Pillars).
Hudson is well worth considering, menu focus is varied and I suggest going to Google for a view of the variety of choices Hudson has to offer.

Blue Plate Restaurant
1 Kinderhook St, Chatham, NY 12037

Ordering wine from out of state (NY) from Trader Joe's

I know some of the Trader Joe stores sell wine but not sure if they will ship by UPS or equivalent and in particular to NY State. Any info would be appreciated.

Mar 22, 2011
feelinpeckish in Chains

seaside dining

My wife and I went to the Nautical Mile a number of years ago. We had recommendations to guide us and drove up and down trying to find the "best". Granted, location is no reliable indicator but with only word of mouth to guide us we made our decision. Not terrible, but not recommendable either and I rather sense that this is just a street with a lot of fishing boats near. We never returned and don't regret that decision. I know the request was for "recommendations" and this is not; just take it as a negative comment for the Nautical Mile.

your favorite olive oil?

We use Trader Joe's Kalamata extra virgin olive oil. It means a long drive to Trader Joe's but an extra bottle on the shelf in the pantry gives ample warning to restock.

Feb 07, 2011
feelinpeckish in General Topics

Maple Syrup bargain!!!!

Sorry rrems, that is not any of the named discount outlets. (more like a best buy type ). But you are right that it used to be the Grand Union location. Maybe I am too fussy but I/we always would pick up a gallon of what used to be called "fancy" grade in VT and now is called grade A light. I find that grade to have a fine delicate taste/flavor. The dark has a heavier flavor and while not inferior it is not what I prefer. Further if not stored in tight containers and preferably refrigerated, it will darken and become very like the dark amber grades.

posting a messge related to an existing post

How does one type in the message referred to so that the response is in close proximity to the original post?

Jan 19, 2011
feelinpeckish in Site Talk


re: 280 Ninth
In the not too distant past I was a resident of eastern LI preceding the growth of the wine industry there. While there may be a few good products at the very high end, I was not happy with any I had in local restaurants or at the tasteings held at the various vineyards. Starting with Hargrave whose product was acceptable but over priced I have tried most of the products of that area and not found any one that cries out to me and certainly not at the price when purchased at a local restaurant. I must give credit to one particular waterfront restaurant who deleted the charge but you can trust that is not a common courtesy. Love the east end but not for the wine.

Jan 19, 2011
feelinpeckish in Wine

Cornbread: Sweet or Savory?

Now, johnny cakes sound familiar. That is what my mother called them and they were not sweet, just fantastic. I'll have to try to duplicate them but don't hold much hope as I am new to cooking on my own. Wish me luck.

Dec 20, 2010
feelinpeckish in General Topics

When I say "coffee cake" ...

I have to agree, Karl S and I have 2.5 more decades if that helps re- re:Karl S
inforce the opinion.

Dec 16, 2010
feelinpeckish in General Topics