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1. Taiwanese modern cuisine (buffet style) in a very cultured setting:
『青葉新樂園』 "Chingye" in Huashan1914 Creative Park

2. The shops along YongKang Rd next to the original DTF
- Kao-chi's Shanghainese
-Taro Soup cart behind a stair (芋头大王)
-A Japanese Ramen place called Happy Noodle House:
No. 7, Lane 10, Yǒngkāng St (Original taste soup
)-A Shanghai place one street west from YongKang St. 2-1 LiShui St. Famous for its shredded pork noodles

3. Soup Dumplings:
I found 12 recommended ones in Taipei but only tried out 4-5.
Recommend SuHang's gourd and shrimp ones.

4. Beef Noodles.
Tried many but one place that stood out was ShangDong Liu 劉山東牛肉麵 (establish 1951) in an alley near Taipei Main Station. No 2, Alley 10, Sec 1 Kaifeng St. I like their clear soup with slim noodles.

tainan, taiwan- one dinner, 2 lunches--recommendations, please.

Here are some dishes I tried in Tainan.

1. sauteed eel over fried noodles (must have in Tainan but there are a few different renditions in town), shrimp free

No 46 Sec 1 FuQian Rd
There are a few famous eateries here (A'Long noodles, ZhongZi place)

2.Candy maker around the Confucius Temple

3.Zhou's Shrimp roll in AnPing township. Not impressed

4.Tu Hsiao Yeh Peddler noodle

5. Steamed rice cake (breakfast 碗粿) with sausage (likely with dried shrimp)

6. Fish paste soup place across the street from Chih Kan Fort. This should be shrimp free.

tainan, taiwan- one dinner, 2 lunches--recommendations, please.

No sure about Singapore yet but I'll definitely head back to Taipei some time soon. I will write up something when I get time...

tainan, taiwan- one dinner, 2 lunches--recommendations, please.

Hmm, it really is a pity that there are so few threads on food in Taiwan. I enjoyed some of the best renditions of Shanghaines cooking when I was in Taipei!

tainan, taiwan- one dinner, 2 lunches--recommendations, please.

Here are the pictures of the famous Tu Hsiao Yeh peddle noodle in Tainan (first pic) and Taipei (second pic). The competitor Chih Kan peddler's noodle was pretty famous as well.

tainan, taiwan- one dinner, 2 lunches--recommendations, please.

There is a branch of Tu Hsiao Yeh in Taipei not far from the original DTF. Minimum TWD 100 per head imposed. The presentation looks a lot prettier in Taipei but the taste is about the same.

Yong Kang Street #9-1,Taipei City, Taiwan

tainan, taiwan- one dinner, 2 lunches--recommendations, please.

DanZai Noodles is probably what you referred to。 Try eel noodles, fish paste soup, Vegi Zhongzi, and pickled fruits in An Ping. I just got back from a couple of months travel in Taiwan and Tainan was very impressive。There are clusters of good outlets near the East gate traffic circle, QingZhong St, the confucious temple (coffee/brunch) and near the warrior's temple.

something i ate in Taiwan

Haha, I was at BeiPu last week as well! I bought a bottle of Camphor oil from that drip! I was told it was not for eating though. I went during weekday in the afternoon so not many shops were open.

I got a bottle of cold infused local tea from a local guy who even said I did not have to pay him when I could only find 1000 bills. I did manage to find a 50 coin. :D It took a while to thaw but when it did, wow, it tasted much better than the hot ones offered at his brother's tea shop.. The golden pumpkin buns with bamboo shoots were awesome. The dried persimmon cakes were good. Also Hakka rice tea from the chattiest vendor on the street were quite popular.

One lunch and dinner in Taipei

Thank you! That is an impressive blog with a whopping 128 blog posts on Taipei! I will work through the mouth waiting pictures to get some ideas first.
Many many thanks!

One lunch and dinner in Taipei

Bumping the thread as I am in Taiwan and plan to spend some time in Taipei. I did a little local tour on my own in HsinChu and Hualien. They are small & managable. But Taipei has so many choices (10 recommended XLB places?!) that I need serious help...

Noodles and Buns, Shanghai

I want to say it's the subject matter, though it is probably just me... :P My friend did order greens on the side though - I prefer those in Cantonese shops better. Shanghai local eateries' dishes can be quite heavy with oil and sauce. 浓油重酱

We also went to a few vegetarian and organic places to balance the diet out. There you run into the young and trendy set. I also did a little hunt on the better coffee in town and encountered some interesting sub-cultures...

Noodles and Buns, Shanghai

I had the luxury of spending a month in Shanghai end of last year so I took the time to explore the neighborhood eateries scattered all over the city. Most of these are less than less than 25 RMB ($4 now?) but the themes are the same - noodles, buns and some wontons!

I hosted a friend from Singapore and she mused that the simplest and cheapest noodle dish on either high end menu or those neighborhood canteens' slot board - noodles with fried scallions, often can distinguish how good the place is. So we went search for the best noodles in fried scallion oils and managed to miss THE one place old shanghai folks suggested - CangLangTing沧浪亭 on Chongqing Rd. Alas, not all CangLangTing are created equal, just like the ubiquitous FengYu丰裕shengjian。 The best cheap one we had was at 弘兴大包 (鲁班路167号)a place called Big Bun but with a slogan on its window advertising its noodles. I spotted it near Liyuan Rd in my taxi going north on Luban Road under the South/North highway. It is an typical neighborhood breakfirst/lunch place - but it has two flavors of soupy dumplings- one Shanghai and one Suzhou(sweeter)! These are far better than the soup dumplings I had at YuYuan. And the fried scallion noodle was done rather well. However, stay away from their rice and stri-fry dishes as it was clearly not their specialty.

Another good but a bit greasy rendition of fried scallion noodles was done at 鲜得来 near Huaihai Rd. They used the oils that fried the pork chops that it is famous for so it takes some meat flavors in. 排骨年糕at 鲜得来is underwhelming, I prefer the ones done at a FengYu corner shop better (my secret hang out, it also has fabulous wonton 三鲜馄饨!).

The Canglangting沧浪亭 we went to near XujiaHui was quite crowded. The food was OK but not as good as the one branch on Huaihai Rd. We had Fried carp noodles here and the fried scallion noodles were covered with fried scallions but the sauce was a bit lacking. The right one would be this:

The texture of the scallion noodles at 吴越人家 at ShanXi Rd was a bit too soft for my taste. Their yellow crocker double stewed noodle 黄鱼焖面 was OK as it should be soggy..

BTW, I was a bit puzzled by the fried dumplings from Yang's advertised as 生煎. The food is tasty - it was just not traditional! Typical Shanghai fried dumplings are 生煎馒头 with raised dough, not with solid skin like those of a pan-fried dumpling锅贴... (end of gripe)

At the end of my stay, I finally got in touch with an uncle who lives in Shanghai near Yuyuan Rd. He heard about my quest for noodles and buns and took me to his favorite XLB place near his apt not far from Jiangsu Rd subway station. The little XLBs were cheap and flavorful! I have sworn not to share but you can find it yourself. The place was full of chatty retired folks when I was there. Oh, their wontons are just OK.

Another food fad that hit Shanghai last year were the Taiwanese Yam balls. The stall at the Sun Moon Light Center at DaPuQiao Subway exit had excellent business and there were some higher end ones opening up near XinTianDi. I just could not resist.

OK, pictures!
Shredded Pork with Scallion Noodles;
Carp Noodles (CangLangTing)
Yellow Crocker Stewed Noodles(WuYueRenJia
)Yang's Fried Dumpling
XLB on Yuyuan Rd
ShuangDang, Pork Chop, scallion noodles (XianDeLai)
Pork Chop over fried Rice cake (FengYu)
Fried Dumpling and Wonton in SML Center
Yam ball soup near XinTianDi
ZhongZi vendor on YangDang Rd

Trying to find a certain candy available in Taiwan in the late 1980s!!

Sounds like some kind of Meringue, Lemon?

Beijing and Shanghai recommendations...

Impressive! I recognize 大排档in Nanjing - did you try the half hatched eggs there?

Indonesia - A Taste of Babi Guling in Bali

Precisely. I actually tried at a street vendor my driver took me and the meat/skin was so tough that I could not even bite into it. Ibi Okar's was much better!

I like the warungs in the village of Penestanan, a short walk outside of Ubud.

Vegetarianism in China...

The issue that you are going to face in China is neither the ingredience nor the potsand pans - it's the oil. Your best bet in China will be those outlets especially catering to Buddhists. Just tell them that you are observing some fasting ritual (吃斋) and people will direct you accordingly.

Din Tai Fung: Opening date?

The wrapping of DTF Bellevue's XLB is not as pretty and exact as offered else where. But their pork chop fried rice and fish dumpling is a notch above! It was totally worth the 40 min wait.

Oct 24, 2011
Ting Ting in Greater Seattle

Indonesia - Incredible fried chicken!!

I miss the chickens from Yogya's Suharti!! So intense!
-Flavorless in Seattle...

Chowhound lunches?

I am new to the area from SF & SE Asia board. Is there anyway to contact the organizer?
The chowdown guideline link doesn't work anymore.

Aug 06, 2011
Ting Ting in Greater Seattle

Barbara's fishtrap in Half Moon Bay..

I take my east coast friends there when it was sunny out and they demand a California experience - fish & Chips AND crabmeat sandwich plus Chowders. The grilled fish is not as tasty. We just take loads of napkins to soak up the grease first.

What's missing in SF?

AGREE! After a year in SE Asia and blessed with the variety of choices, I am disappointed so far by what we have in SF!

Why food at Hong Kong Hyatt's 'Hugo's' not so good as before?! - Now I know!

Thanks! I plan to visit Vancouver soon. :)

Beijing for Two Checklist

Ah, no pork, no liquor, and clients/servers' facial features are what I use to pick a halal place - there are some anthropological differences for Chinese with different ethnicities: the nose, the ratio between cheekbones and temple, etc.

Beijing for Two Checklist

What kind of meat do they use for 0.5-1 RMB a piece kebabs? The lowest price I saw on the menu of that Chinese frequented Xinjiang restaurant was RMB 2 and it goes higher. I would rather pay a bit for halal meat than eating some God-knows-what. Going to a proper halal place tend to increase that chance of authenticity (you can buy any certificate with money, of course).

My friend told me these scary cooking oil stories and there was a recent expose on CCTV about brand sausages made from "lean hogs", and face/tissue papers made from corrosive pulps...

Beijing for Two Checklist

I did get tiny cuts of kebabs (kidneys!) at the place at the east end of 5tiao - the wait lady was wearing a head scarf so I assumed that it was halal as well. It had a kebab stand outside. Their cumin nan is also quite delicious if a bit salty.

I happened to overhear someone outside of Crescent Moon on his mobile - not sure if he's the owner but I didn't like what I heard so I headed to LaoBeijing instead.

Knives in Beijing/Shanghai?

The address for the Shanghai one:

490 Nanjing E Rd, Shanghai

Yeah,their scissors are amazing - I remember having at least 4 different kind of scissors just for toe nails! It's THE souvenir shop to hit, hoho.

They probably will have other famous brand knifes as well. Beijing used to have WangMazi (also founded in 17th century) but I think it went bankrupt a few years back...

Knives in Beijing/Shanghai?

The brand-name knife maker in Hangzhou or Shanghai: 张小泉 (founded in 1663)- Shanghai lost the brand fight but the flagship store on Nanjing East Rd (Shanghai) was where my relatives got their cleavers.

-Hangzhou one:

Bali Trip Report - February 2011

And here's a Spanish study on boar meat - funny that some people LIKE the GAMY smell!

Bali Trip Report - February 2011

I had suckling pig at East Ocean in Shaw Center at Singapore and the taste is indeed a lot milder. The offering at Ibu Oka was spiced extensively so I really can't comment on the pork flavor - they were MUCH better than some I got at Gianyar as the skin was so tough and rubbery it's not possible to eat! And occasionally the smell of a boar meat (definitely not a suckling!) did come through in the market.

As for California meat - I find most of the pork dishes in regular restaurants tasted much like tough chicken - a few places in Berkeley I went to faired better - with higher price organic (prob sow) meat. Most US supermarket pork either have iffy flavors or are just bland (castrated boars?). In addition to the suckling one I had at Singapore & Hongkong, I've had good pork dishes in Japan (!!) China (Tibet/Sichuan/Yunnan hairy black little ones), Indonesia(!), and Cambodia.

Bali Trip Report - February 2011

The Ayam Kampong at Gianyar was indeed a local favorite. The guide took us there when we asked for his favorite food - we got there at 3pm and the vendors just started operation. The best one was at the market entrance but it wasn't open yet so we tried another one on the main street.

The meat was quite dry but very tasty. There were other offering together with the chicken but we didn't have any.

Ibu Oka was good - It tasted as if it was a bigger pig than the suckling ones we got at Singapore's Cantonese restaurants. Another one we enjoyed was Sari Organic after our rice paddy hike - probably because of the hike. We had dinner most of the times at Bayu’s Kitchen in Penestanan, Ubud. We meant to try Cafe Mendenz but it was booked for private functions when we passed by.