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Fredericton, Blue Door

LOL! I totally agree with you - I would not touch the Blue Door with a barge pole simply because cleanliness isnot high on their list and I know where they get their cooks. And Brewbakers - overpriced for blaaah food!
If we go out to eat we tend to hit Dimitri's (best greek in town) and Caribbean Flavas - they have some great staple items IE: the jerk steak and samosas, love their curries and at least they have awesome coffee and a great chocolate cheesecake...

Feb 05, 2010
cheekycook in Atlantic Canada


I have eaten there and yes the meal was skillfully prepared - however the sides are redundant as are the plate presentations. It's a shame that we had to finish our meal on such a sour note: by far the worst coffee I've ever had in my entire life - 3 words come to mind "jus de chaussette" or for the anglos - dishwater... such a shame too - we had a great dessert , I always jones for a good cup of coffee with dessert after a great meal and boy that was not it.We mentionned it to the owners and they didn't seem to care, not cool...
Haven't gone back since.

Feb 05, 2010
cheekycook in Atlantic Canada

New Brunswick and PEI Resturants [moved from Western Canada]

I went to "l'Idylle" - on the recommendations of many local producers and it was such a let down. By far one of the most over-priced and worst meals we've had in NB, sooo not worth the 90min drive from Fredericton. We had a tasting menu with way more misses than hits.
The Rossmount is by far my fave in NB, and we visit several times a year.
I heard that Opera was great in St-John, as is Suwanna, but have not been yet.
We are hitting "Fresh" in Bristol this weekend and will gladly post details.

Feb 05, 2010
cheekycook in Atlantic Canada

Fresh Fine Dining

Hi - I am a chef that has been re-located to NB from QC - I have worked in very high end Restos such as the very exclusive private club "le 357C" in MTL -
I will be checking this resto out tomorrow and will happily post my toughts.
In my opinion - the Rossmount Inn is by far the best dining experience to be had in the province and make a point to visit it several times a year. I was told by many local producers in the area to try "l'Idylle in Moncton"and was sooo disappointed, we had a tasting menu, and most of the dishes were misses, not to mention that the venison main course was the driest piece of meat I've EVER had in my entire life.... Not worth the money or the 90min drive from Fredericton.

Feb 05, 2010
cheekycook in Atlantic Canada