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B.T. Smokehouse Southern Barbecue: The Real Deal in Sturbridge

Visited today and living in Texas I've had most of the highly acclaimed bbq throughout central Texas. This place offers up some terrific brisket and ribs. Apparently stellar bbq is not popular in these parts or there would be a line out the door.
BYOB too, not sure where you people eat but this would be a mainstay for me.

2 days ago
dj715 in Southern New England

A CT BBQ comparison (weigh in with your favorites!)

Only the greatest BBQ joints in the world (Tx)

Jun 09, 2015
dj715 in Southern New England

Trip Report (long) – Patois, Peche, Brigtsen’s, August, and other great meals!

Sounds like some seriously good eating.
We too recently ate at the Gumbo Shop for all of the same reasons.
Always found it as a solid option. Our waitress was a bit aggressive, she should consider auto sales.
Took home a delicious muff from Verti Marte, IMHO it was miles better than
The one at Cochon Butcher.

Can't wait to go back.

Jun 08, 2015
dj715 in New Orleans

First trip to NOLA from a former Philly Chowhound

Check out Erin Rose a bar near the Jagr Haus.
I'm a big fan of EAT also nearby.

May 18, 2014
dj715 in New Orleans

Best Pizza in Grapevine?

How about some Tx BBQ at Bartleys in Grapevine???

Jul 27, 2013
dj715 in Dallas - Fort Worth

First Time in NO - Recommendations Welcome

I would recommend Mandina's as budget friendly and a nice ride up Canal on the streetcar.
Large potions, the fried chicken would easily feed 2.

Nov 15, 2012
dj715 in New Orleans

Please critique my itinerary - did LOTS of research - five days in NO in December.

Cafe Beignet's are cooked to order and are served smokin' hot.

Also a great little venue to catch free Jazz with Steamboat Willie.

Oct 14, 2012
dj715 in New Orleans

Acme vs Pearl vs Casamentos

I was In Felix's last month and destroyed 2 doz oysters while the folks across the street waited in line. The oysters were huge and delicious.

Oct 09, 2012
dj715 in New Orleans

Which 4 of these places are best for breakfast for a first visit to New Orleans?

We had b'fast 2x's last month at Jimmy J's cafe in the FQ.
Killer home fries and great omelettes.
Just off of Canal.

Oct 06, 2012
dj715 in New Orleans


Thanks for the responses and from the limited number, it appears the locals are underwhelmed.
Is there any local love for Mandina's?

Sep 17, 2012
dj715 in New Orleans


What are the thoughts on this place? Looks like there are 2 of them.
We'll be staying in FQ and looking to add some non traditional spots.
Is one different than the other?

Sep 13, 2012
dj715 in New Orleans

Cooking Classes in NOLA? Are they worth the time & money?

I would second the good time and learnings at the NO School of cooking. It is not "hands on".


Jun 28, 2012
dj715 in New Orleans

12 Best Muffulettas

I thought the "muff" at the NH was mediocre. I'm headed back in Sept and will try one at Frank's

Jun 15, 2012
dj715 in New Orleans

Heading to New Orleans next week Thursday!

On Thursday, you won;t go wrong with both music and food at three muses.

Feb 15, 2012
dj715 in New Orleans

Trip Report Jan 11-14

Well this quick visit prior to departing on a cruise had it's hits and misses.

Mr. B's-- after having discovered BBQ shrimp at EATS on a previous visit, I was all jazzed up
for this version. I left a bit underwhelmed, shrimp just didn't taste like they had been cooked
properly or were of lesser quality. After being seated at the Reagan table, we quite quickly had
our newbie asst server dump the water all over the table, us and our belongings. Accidents happen, especially on the 1st day, so not the end of the world from my viewpoint and also apparently those of
management as hardly an apology or offer. Quickly cleaned up and everyone pretended it never occurred. Did not see the young lad the remainder of the lunch.

Bloody Mary's hit the spot and I wish I had ordered the gumbo.

Napoleon House--the second on the to do list of places not previously visited and the quest was for the Pimms Cup and the muffaletta.
Strike 2, sandwich was dry, little olive salad and the meat scarce. We have much better here in Dallas.
Pimms Cup was refreshing and was likely a one time been there and done that drink.
Huge disappointment in the sandwich.

Parkway Bakery--The 3rd to do finally produces a hit. Took the streetcar up Canal and made the brief walk down the street. Having early dinner plans, I only ordered the regular Shrimp poor boy.
Delicious and one could almost make a meal out of the shrimp that fall off the sandwich.
Could have eaten the large. Wife ordered the Roast Beef and i found it somewhat boring and could never imagine it being my top choice not with shrimp and oysters available. Different strokes

K-Paul's--Being old enough to remember cooking shows prior to the Food Network, Chef Paul was someone that had made New Orleans a place I knew I had to visit.
We had a great dinner upstairs with a very knowledgeable waiter. Great service!
I had the twin beef tenders and the wife had the blackened drum and both were quite tasty.
We both devoured our apps, fried oysters and green tomatoes.

They also make great Sazeracs, a drink that I will definitely have again.

All in all, a nice time but I thought the entrees were a bit overpriced.

Three Muses--This was our choice for 2 nites. Good music and maybe better food.
Lamb sliders and fired pork belly are top choices.

Already looking forward to the next visit.

Feb 01, 2012
dj715 in New Orleans

BEST Greek Restaurant with Taramosalata in Dallas?

It is on the menu at Greek Isles in Plano.

Greek Isles
3309 N Central Expy, Plano, TX 75023

Nov 10, 2011
dj715 in Dallas - Fort Worth

BBQ and Pancakes in Frisco area

Personally, not a fan of OPH. Try 5th St Cafe for some non chain b'fast

Dec 31, 2010
dj715 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Cities of Mckinney or Greenville TX Local Spot

Voila is closed. Had me interested

Dec 31, 2009
dj715 in Texas

Best BBQ in Texas

Mt Zion in Huntsville, WOW! you have to try it.

Nov 04, 2008
dj715 in Texas

Trip report

We arrived this past Wednesday and after a brief walk, headed over to Coop's for lunch.
A bit more of a dive than I had expected but the food did not disappoint. Started with a bloody mary that was just perfectly spiced. Wife ordered a BLT and I have to admit that I've never seen another one with 10 pieces of bacon. She loves her bacon and should we say, she was in hog heaven.
The shrimp and oyster po-boys that others had were also quite plump. Good food and good value, mix in a sassy waitress/bartender and you've got a fun place.

Thanks to all the reviews, we had dinner reservations as Brigtsen's. 8:00 but we arrived early and they had no problems seating us. The restaurant is in a old house out at the end of the St. Charles streetcar line, we took a taxi about $20 with tip for 4.
Very friendly and attentive staff and food was out of this world!
We had the crawfish with a black pepper biscuit and shrimp remoulade for apps.
Dinner entrees were:
Duck, a sheepshead special, seafood platter and a catfish appetizer.
I will try and post of a picture of the duck.
It was a very special meal and a great way to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Day 2 we had a early breakfast at Petunia's.
It was a bit pricey but convenient and nothing memorable.
Nex was lunch at CP and we sure enjoyed the $.25 martinis.
Entrees included veal and shrimp and more catfish.
Of course, the bread pudding was ordered as I'm pretty sure that SWMBO only went there to get the dessert.

Dinner, let's move on as the other couple insisted that we have drinks overlooking Bourbon Street and that privilege got us one of the worst meals I've ever had at some bar. Just awful and I was so #$#%.

Day 3, Swamp tour at a Place called Honey Swamp. It was awesome. 2 solid hours out on the pearl river with what had to be a biologist, probably not, but sure seemed dam smart.

Dinner was at the Gumbo Shop and it was okay, more catfish, crawfish etoufee and chicken dishes, friends were beginning to be fished out. Certainly got us a back on budget as it is very reasonably priced.

Late night at Snug Harbour to see Mr. Marsalis. What a tiny venue and it's all about music. I'm not sure I could have gotten a 2nd drink if I had wanted one.

Day 4, Cafe du monde and off to the Houmas house. Entering place, not sure I would drive out there again, but we were headed out of town and it's only about 40 minutes from the airport. We had lunch at the Cabin house. Pretty good, massive quantities of food.
Red beans and rice, my wife's 4th meal of catfish, a roast beef po-boy and an omelette were the choices. Again, no complaints.

New Orleans was great and we were glad to return again after about 10 years. The city seemed a bit dead but we arrived mid week and the week before the beginning of Jazz fest.
There were a few pirate in town for a festival and the ones we met were alot of fun.

Apr 20, 2008
dj715 in New Orleans

Lunch near Houmas House

Will be visiting this plantation on a Saturday before heading to the airport for a early evening flight. Need a lunch recommendation. Any ideas?

Apr 09, 2008
dj715 in New Orleans

Grimaldi's - Dallas

the 1st visit was good but still ranked in our opinion below cv. the toppings on this pie, despite my protest, were sliced tomatoes, roasted peppers and meatballs. the meatballs are sliced so thin that by the time you eat, they're pretty well toast.
i would say that cv pizza is a bit thicker but still thin.
maybe the oven was not up to the proper heat which resulted in a soft soggy crust.

Feb 13, 2008
dj715 in Texas

Grimaldi's - Dallas

last night was my 2nd trip and i was extremely disappointed. the crust was so weak that it could not support the few toppings. had to eat with a fork, not good. the small ceaser easily fed 3, although it seemed smaller that the first trip.
i'm headed back to CV.

Feb 12, 2008
dj715 in Texas

Help!! L.A. 'hound needs spot for mom's 75th b'day (McKinney area + kid friendly)

There's a very pleasant place, non chain, at the corner of ridge and el dorado called marry's. very reasonably priced and kids will not be a problem. very nice lady owns and is the chef.

Jul 26, 2007
dj715 in Texas